March 19, 2013
The Wisdom Fund

The 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War

The War on Islam, 5th ed

9/11 and Iraq: The War's Greatest Lie

MI6 and CIA Were Told Before Invasion That Iraq Had No Active WMD

Iraq War: Who Got It Wrong, And Who Got It Right

Iraq: War's Legacy of Cancer

Middle East In Turmoil 10 Years After Iraq Invasion That Officials Said Would Bring Peace

Charts: Bush Lowballed Us on Iraq by $6 Trillion

Was Iraq Worth It?

Iraq War Media Failure Can Happen Again

Iraq Invasion Destroyed One of The Oldest Christian Communities in The Middle East

What Really Happened on 9/11

"The Spies Who Pushed for War," July 17, 2003

"Liars or Fools?," February 2, 2004

"Fallujah: Makings of a War Crime," November 6, 2004

"'US Caused More Deaths in Iraq Than Saddam'," June 25, 2005

"Iraq War: 'Supreme International Crime'," June 29, 2005

"The Enormous Cost of War," August 17, 2007

"Iraq: The Crime of the Century," December 10, 2009

"Iraq Occupation: Having To Say Goodbye," June 10, 2011

"'Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War'," February 18, 2013

. . . and the warmongers are preparing Americans for a repeat performance in Iran.

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