June 29, 2005 (revised July 4)
The Wisdom Fund

Iraq War: 'Supreme International Crime'

by Enver Masud

Having launched a pre-emptive war, and lied to the world about its reasons, he was left with few options. During his internationally televised speech to the nation from Fort Bragg on June 28, U.S. president George W. Bush put on a brave front, and vowed to stay the course.

Before launching the war on Iraq in March 2003, Mr. Bush said the war was about eliminating weapons of mass destruction from Iraq, and Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was a threat to the U.S. Mr. Bush implied that Mr. Hussein was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attack on America. He was not.

When no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, spreading democracy in the Middle East became Mr. Bush's rationale for war. It wasn't. It isn't.

Yesterday, Mr. Bush said the Iraq war was fought to prevent terrorism. But it is the war that is creating more terrorists. He recalled September 11, wrongly reinforcing what many Americans believe, that Iraq was responsible for the biggest attack ever on the U.S. mainland.

Mr. Bush launched the Iraq war "not in March 2003, as everyone believed, but at the end of August 2002, six weeks before Congress approved military action against Iraq" wrote Michael Smith - the British journalist who first revealed the secret Downing Street memos.

The July 23, 2002 memo states that "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Former Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, chief U.S. prosecutor at the first Nuremberg trial, called waging aggressive war "the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole", said Benjamin B. Ferencz, in a tribute to Jackson.

"The same view," Ferencz, himself a prosecutor at Nuremburg, wrote, "would later be confirmed by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Far East. It was also confirmed in the detailed judgment in the 'Ministries Case' of the Subsequent Proceedings held at Nuremberg."

Some would have us believe that it was a just war. It was not.

It was not waged in response to an imminent threat. It was not proportionate to any perceived threat. Civilian infrastructure was not spared. Iraqis are not better off than they might have been in an Iraq contained by sanctions.


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The Bush administration, Pillar wrote, "repeatedly called on the intelligence community to uncover more material that would contribute to the case for war," including information on the "supposed connection" between Hussein and al Qaeda, which analysts had discounted.--Walter Pincus, Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq," Washington Post, February 10, 2006]

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[The United States invaded Iraq in alliance with Britain on March 20, 2003, winning a quick military victory and ousting the government of Saddam Hussein. Though the US and the UK claimed they acted in accordance with international law, an overwhelming majority of the world's governments and people thought otherwise. Since then, the US-UK occupation has encountered increasing armed resistance in Iraq, and support for the war and occupation has steadily declined in the invading countries. US-UK claims about Iraqi weapons threats and terror links have proven false, and the costs of the operation have risen. This section looks at many aspects of the conflict in Iraq, such as the background to the war, including the thirteen years of sanctions and the importance of Iraq's huge oil resources. It also examines the issues that have emerged since the invasion, such as the resistance to the occupation, the disputes surrounding a post-war government, and the task of reconstruction.--Iraq, Global Policy Forum]

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The apparent circularity of the pro-war machinations is especially disturbing. Then-New York Times reporter Judith Miller would get off-the-record info from the White House about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, print the claims in Sunday's paper, and then Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and others would cite the articles as evidence on the Sunday talk shows to justify the invasion.--Mark Rahner, "'Frontline' documentary makes case that Cheney used 9/11 to go to war," Seattle Times, June 20, 2006]

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[Ferencz called the invasion a "clear breach of law," and dismissed the Bush administration's legal defense that previous U.N. Security Council resolutions dating back to the first Gulf War justified an invasion in 2003. Ferencz notes that the first Bush president believed that the United States didn't have a U.N. mandate to go into Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein; that authorization was simply to eject Hussein from Kuwait.--Jan Frel, "Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?," AlterNet, July 10, 2006]

[When he refused to deploy to Iraq in June, Army Lt. Ehren Watada . . . set up an unusual collision between a man who is believed to be the first officer to refuse duty in Iraq and a military justice system that is now effectively being asked to rule on the war's legality.--Eli Sanders, "Putting the Iraq War on Trial," Time, August 18, 2006]

[Benjamin Ferencz, a chief prosecutor of Nazi war crimes at Nuremberg, recently said that President Bush should be tried as a war criminal side-by-side with Saddam Hussein for starting aggressive wars--Paul Craig Roberts, "Bush Goes Retro to Avoid Prosecution,", August 29, 2006]

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[We will not stand for it any more. No more lies. No more pre-emptive, illegal war, based on false information. No more God-is-on-our-side religious nonsense to justify this immoral, illegal war. No more inhumanity.--"Transcript of Mayor Rocky Anderson's speech," Salt Lake Tribune, September 1, 2006

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[Massachusetts law school Dean Lawrence Velvel will chair a Steering Committee to pursue the prosecution for war crimes of President Bush and culpable high-ranking aides after they leave office Jan. 20th.--Sherwood Ross, "Steering Committee To Seek Prosecution of Bush For War Crimes," YubaNet, October 14, 2008]

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[International law would be mere farce, said the chief US chief prosecutor at Nuremberg, the Supreme Court justice Robert Jackson, "if, in future, we do not apply its principles to ourselves". . . .

On 19 January, the George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley compared the status of George W Bush with that of Pinochet. "Outside [the United States] there is no longer the ambiguity about what to do about a war crime," he said. "So if you try to travel, most people abroad are going to view you not as "former president George Bush' [but] as a current war criminal." For this reason, Bush's first defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, who demanded an invasion of Iraq in 2001 and personally approved torture techniques for use in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, no longer travels. Rumsfeld has twice been indicted for war crimes in Germany.--John Pilger, "The Brussels War Crimes Tribunal and the newly established Blair War Crimes Foundation are building a case for the former British prime minister's prosecution," New Statesman, April 2, 2009]

Clive Hamilton, "Bush's Shocking Biblical Prophecy Emerges: God Wants to 'Erase' Mid-East Enemies 'Before a New Age Begins',", May 24, 2009

[Bush confirmed even without a second resolution, the US was prepared for military action. The memo said Blair told Bush he was "solidly with the president".--Jamie Doward, Gaby Hinsliff and Mark Townsend, "Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq," Guardian, June 21, 2009]

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[Lord Bingham has held all three of Britain's great judicial offices: Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice and Senior Law Lord until his retirement in 2008. . . .

Lord Bingham deals first with the question of whether the allied invasion of Iraq was legal. He has no doubt that it was not. He argues persuasively that neither Security Council resolutions 678 nor 1441 could bear the weight that the British government was forced to place on them when confronted by the failure to obtain a further resolution explicitly authorising the use of force.--"Pillar of wisdom," Economist, February 11, 2010]

[The Obama administration has resisted efforts by the International Criminal Court to include 'aggression' as a crime, mainly because it could impact US military operations abroad.--Howard LaFranchi, "US opposes ICC bid to make 'aggression' a crime under international law,", June 15, 2010]

David Swanson, "George W. Bush the Murderer: The Movie,", October 4, 2012

[The war in Iraq will cost the United States as much as $5 trillion. It played a role in spurring the global financial crisis. . . .

The war against Iraq was based on lies. Thousands of Americans and perhaps a million Iraqis were sacrificed for those lies.--Dennis Kucinich, "Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives, and Trillions of Dollars Later,", October 4, 2012]

Col. Wilkerson on Democracy Now, December 23, 2014

"Genocide in Iraq," Clarity Press, June 2015

[Duelfer is also clear that Saddam Hussein's government had accurately denied having WMD, contrary to a popular U.S. myth that Hussein had pretended to have what he did not. The fact that President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and their team knowingly lied cannot be overemphasized. This group took the testimony of Hussein Kamel regarding weapons he'd said had been destroyed years ago, and used it as if he'd said they currently existed. This team used forged documents to allege a uranium purchase. They used claims about aluminum tubes that had been rejected by all of their own usual experts. They "summarized" a National Intelligence Estimate that said Iraq was unlikely to attack unless attacked to say nearly the opposite in a "white paper" released to the public. Colin Powell took claims to the U.N. that had been rejected by his own staff, and touched them up with fabricated dialogue.--David Swanson, "Secret Document Shows CIA Reaction to Finding No WMD in Iraq,", July 9, 2015

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Why the U.S. and Russia Get Away With War Crimes, AJ+, June 29, 2022

American War Crimes In Iraq 1991-2005

National Security Archive

Lies, Lies, Lies - Bush, Iraq and Iran

Service Academy Graduates Against the War

H. RES. 635: Creating a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment.

On March 13, 2013, Witness Iraq filed suit against the Bush Administration related to the conduct of key government officials leading up to the war.

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