May 6, 2021
The Economist

Narendra Modi: Paper Tiger

India's national government looks increasingly hapless

Confronted with catastrophe, the state has melted away


Two short months ago Narendra Modi's government was one of the most popular and confident in India's history. Now, judging by fresh election results, by the eruption of criticism even in the largely docile mainstream media, by sharp reprimands issued by top courts, by thumbs-down judgments by seasoned analysts and by a level of rage on social media unusual even for India's hothouse online forums, the prime minister and his government are in trouble. . . .

FULL TEXT: Paper Tiger

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COVID-19 DATA (number of deaths; population in millions)
China 4,858; 1.44M; | India 230,168; 1.39M | USA 572,987; 332M

Source for number of deaths: WHO, May 6, 2021

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