February 17, 2020
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'Anti-Muslim Prejudice is in Modi's DNA'

In an outspoken and critical interview which will upset the BJP government and enrage its supporters, Tavleen Singh has repeatedly compared the Narendra Modi government, its legislation and its attitude to Muslims to Nazi rule in Germany in the 1930s. She calls the Citizenship Amendment Act "India's first Nuremberg law". She repeatedly speaks of Modi's attitude and treatment of Muslims alongside Hitler's treatment of jews. She says just as Hitler's Nuremberg laws singled out jews and treated them differently to other Germans so, too, does the Citizenship Amendment Act single out Muslims and treat them differently to other Indians.

In a 42-minute interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire on her recently published book Messiah Modi?, Singh says that she has known for a long time that anti-Muslim prejudice is part of the DNA of the RSS, whom she calls the "alma mater" of Narendra Modi. She now fears that anti-Muslim prejudice is also part of Narendra Modi's DNA. She says there were hints of this when he was chief minister of Gujarat and refused to wear a skull cap or compared the killings of Muslims in 2002 to a puppy being run over by a car. . . .


Tavleen Singh is one of India's most influential columnists and authors. In "Messiah Modi?" she details her early support for Modi the candidate, followed by a helpless disenchantment with Modi the Prime Minister.

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The Truth About Islam -- displayed in Washington Metrorail, 1998

[India has become a model of the imperial cult of "neo-liberalism" - almost everything must be privatized, sold off. The worldwide assault on social democracy and the collusion of major parliamentary parties - begun in the US and Britain in the 1980s - has produced in India a dystopia of extremes and a spectre for us all.--John Pilger, "India Has Become a Dystopia of Extremes," CounterPunch, January 3, 2014]

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Modi is lucky to be blessed with so weak an opposition . . . Even so, doubts assail him, for he must know he has not delivered on the promise of 2014. It is why he has resorted to looking for enemies within. Like other populists, he sits in his white house tweeting out his resentment against the sultanate of "them."" And, as India gets ready to give this willful provincial, . . . a second term, one cannot help but tremble at what he might yet do to punish the world for his own failures.--Aatish Taseer, "Can the World's Largest Democracy Endure Another Five Years of a Modi Government?,", May 9, 2019

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[In 2019, India added three new billionaires every month while most of the rest of the world was in an economic slowdown. The total number of billionaires reached 138, the highest after China and the US.--Ravi Kant, "The rise of the monopolists in Modi's India,", October 12, 2020]

[it takes more than hugs and handshakes at PR stunts like the "Howdy Modi" event in Austin, Texas, or the "Namaste Trump" gimmick in Gujarat, to bring in investment.--Bhim Bhurtel, "Why manufacturers are not rushing from China to India,", November 2, 2020]

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J Harikumar: Pavan . . . explains the foundational ideas thoroughly before proceeding to more sophisticated ideas. For instance, in many chapters, he expounds upon some of the Hindu philosophical ideas before discussing their implications for society, their historical context, and etc. Regarding the ideas presented in the book, they gave me a new perspective of Indian civilization. By tying together the philosophy with the history, the reader can truly understand what India is at its core.--Pavan K Varma, "The Great Hindu Civilization: Achievement, Neglect, Bias And The Way Forward," West Land (January 1, 2022)

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"But we will respond with love," he said. "They are trying to provoke us. They are trying to start a riot."--Sonia Faleiro, "The Dissident: Umar Khalid Challenged Modi's Anti-Muslim Agenda. India Accused Him of Terrorism and Locked Him Up,", August 6, 2023

[So why were temples attacked? And who desecrated them? Richard M. Eaton, professor of history at the University of Arizona and author of "India in the Persianate Age: 1000-1765," argues that ruling dynasties targeted temples even in the pre-Islamic period. . . . Eaton pointed out that both Hindu and Muslim rulers attacked temples. The temples that were attacked were those that were associated with the king.
"Desecration of such temples was the normal means of detaching a defeated enemy from the most prominent manifestation of his former sovereign authority, thereby rendering him politically impotent," Eaton said, stressing that the attacks were political and not religious.--Sudha Ramachandran, "Desecration of Hindu Temples in India,", January 15, 2024]

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Omar Abdullah: Tomorrow the godi media & agencies will be gushing about the "historic crowd" gathered to hear PM Modi in Srinagar. What they will conveniently forget to mention is that almost none of the people there will be attending of their own free will. The dictatorial J&K Govt has pulled out all stops to give the PM a crowd because the BJP can't manage anything in J&K without the administration. Employees, men & women both, in their 1000s are being asked to assemble between 4:30 AM & 5:30 AM in the freezing temperatures to be bused to the venue. This participation isn't optional, it's compulsory. Employees who don't show up are been threatened with disciplinary action by their Dept heads. Private schools like DPS Etc have had their buses commandeered to transport all these employees to the venue. I have lists running in to the 1000s with department details, addresses & mobile numbers plus transport details. I've redacted a portion of one page out of 140 pages. This is the naya J&K but like I said godi media won't report this.--Twitter, March 6, 2024

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