[Received via email from Prof. Syed A. R. Zaidi on December 19, 2008]
	Although Indians are not aware of it, in university
	circles in America it is a widespread opinion that
	9/11 was an inside job carried out under the
	leadership of American and Israeli Zionists as a
	cover story for the conquest of Iraq and
	Afghanistan.  The mainstream media is solidly under
	the control of the Jewish establishment, so those
	forums are closed to the discussion, but it freely
	takes place on the internet.  These forces, whether
	global-financial-imperialist or zionist, are under
	the ultimate control of the same people, organised
	around a small cluster of Jewish financier
	families.  They have completely taken over all
	Western societies, especially America and Britain. 
	These forces would like to break up Pakistan and
	then any other multi-ethnic large states in the
	region as a means to uncontested control of small
	states in the middle east and central asia for the
	next hundred years.  Manmohan, a creature of the
	World Bank which they completely control, is their
	man.  But so are the Hindutva fascists.  The first
	faction, Manmohan and perhaps Sonia and company, is
	closer tied to financial circles, and the second,
	the Hindutvis, to Israel.  It is very easy to
	control terrorists if you are a well-funded
	intelligence agency.  It is easy to get people to
	pretend to be Islamist or whatever fanatics, and
	give them the money to control the actions of the
	demented folk who volunteer to be their followers. 
	That seems to have been done in this very
	sophisticated operation.  The Jewish involvement,
	and its subsequent media use, is one more
	suggestive clue.  Against that background, here are
	some questions.

	Why should we believe Kasab and Jadhav's stories? 
	The entire account of Karkare's death comes down to
	these two characters.  They should be
	narco-analysed.  But who can we trust to do it? 
	Are there any moe jewels like Karkare left in
	India's crown?

	I don't trust what is left of the Maharashtra
	police, and I don't trust either Congress or the
	BJP.  What was really discussed at the Narayanan -
	Advani meeting before the Mumbai incident?  We know
	it was about the embarrassment caused by Karkare,
	but what else?

	We were shown Kasab on TV, and it was said he was
	so badly wounded that he could only be allowed to
	confess for five minutes at a time. Quite a drama. 
	Then the dean of the hospital came up with the
	statement that Kasab was not wounded at all.  Now
	it is said that he is wounded in the palms of his
	hands.  An unwounded Kasab would lead one to
	question his story.  But if the story starts
	unraveling, the best way to bring in some
	credibility is to wound the man.  I think the palms
	would be the best site to volunteer to take a hit.

	Jadhav's story too is full of incredible claims. 
	He too turns out to be cosmetically wounded.  There
	are some questions we would like to ask you, sir.

	I think it is sheer foolishness to tie our fortunes
	to a sinking West, instead of to our neighbours,
	Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia, Central Asia, and
	the whole Middle East.  There we would count for
	something. Why are the Congress and the BJP
	drumming up a war with Pakistan?  If we act as the
	agents of the West, we will end up like Saddam

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