November 8, 2003
The Independent (UK)

How We Denied Democracy to the Middle East

We Created This Place, Weaned the Grotesque Dictators. And We Expect the Arabs to Trust Bush's Promise?

by Robert Fisk

It gets weirder and weirder. As his helicopters are falling out of the sky over Iraq, President Bush tells us things are getting even better. The more we succeed, he says, the deadlier the attacks will become. Thank God the Americans now have a few - a very few - brave journalists, like Maureen Dowd, to explain what is happening.

The worse things are, the better they get. Iraq's wartime information minister, "Comical Ali", had nothing on this; he claimed the Americans weren't in Baghdad when we could see their tanks. Bush claims he's going to introduce democracy in the Middle East when his soldiers are facing more than resistance in Iraq. They are facing an insurrection.


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[The first indicator of what a Saddam-free education will look like is arriving this month, as millions of newly revised textbooks roll off the printing presses to be distributed to Iraq's 5.5 million schoolchildren in 16,000 schools. All 563 texts were heavily edited and revised over the summer by a team of US-appointed Iraqi educators. Every image of Saddam and the Baath Party has been removed.--Christina Asquith, "Turning the page on Iraq's history," Christian Science Monitor, November 4, 2003]

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"All of these things will be in the interim constitution which will also provide in a limited time, probably two years, for a permanent constitution to be written that also embodies those American values."--"U.S. Will Help Draft New Interim Constitution, Bremer Says," Associated Press, November 16, 2003]

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[In the province of Dhi Qar, about 230 miles southeast of Baghdad and a backwater even by Iraq's standards, residents voting as families will have elected city councils in 16 of the 20 biggest cities by next month. Bradley will have organized 11, more than half of them this month.--Anthony Shadid, " In Iraqi Towns, Electoral Experiment Finds Some Success," Washington Post, February 16, 2004]

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