Dhyan Chand and India's Hockey Team, 1936 Olympics, Berlin

Excerpts from 'The World's Hockey Champions 1936' by M. N. Masud

Inter-Provincial Trials

Dhyan Chand was selected without any trial games on the strength of his past reputation. Pg 7

Mr. Jagan Nath and Mr. Gupta were the candidates for Manager . . . and Mr. Dhyan Chand and myself the candidates for captaincy. . . . Mr. Jagan Nath was appointed the Manager, . . . and Mr. Dhyan Chand the Captain of the Indian Team. It may be remarked that neither Mr. Dhyan Chand nor myself had ever the honour of an introduction to Sir Jagdish Pershad the president of the Indian Hockey Federation, nor had our selector ever seen us at play. Yet he selected one of us for a responsible post without seeing either of us on or off a hockey field. Pg 7

India vs Jhansi

Jhansi Heroes was without its heroes, Dhyan and Roop, and therefore no match against a selected India's team, if we could call ourselves a team . . . Dhyan and Roop were playing in their own ground against their own team and could do things as they liked. Pgs 11-12

India vs Madras

Dhyan equalised within five minutes and put side ahead . . . Emmett then scored off a pass from Dhyan who scored the fourth goal after a good bit of dribbling. Pg 14


Mr. Pavri, the Parsi Cricket veteran, wished the guests bon voyage and a successful return homes . . . A section of the hosts cried Dhyan, to speak please. . . . But neither Dhyan could please his fans, nor did the Manager respond...... so nobody replied to Mr. Pavri. Pg 17

S. S. Ranpura

The S. S. Ranpura arrived at 8-0 p.m. late by seven hours . . . Managers and the Captain were asked to transmit farewell messages . . . Mr. Jagan Nath spoke of his confidence. . . . Dhyan Chand spoke something also to the same effect and Mr. Gupta assured his listens that an incident like Amar Nath's would not happen in the hockey team. Pg 20


Mr. Jagan Nath thanked the Mayor . . . He then presented a bronze medal to Dhyan and beautifully bound book on the city of Berlin in the German language to each of us including Dhyan. Pg 40

Practice Games in Berlin

India vs Berlin Hockey Club

We won because the two sides were not evenly matched. Otherwise . . . Emmett finished very poorly, Peter could not find his usual form and Dhyan was again feeling the responsibility of his position. Pg 53

India vs Afghanistan

India played with an ease . . . Roop did not play well . . . Cullen was not feeding him properly and Dhyan Chand was combining more with Emmett. This perhaps annoyed Roop Singh and . . . better to watch the game thank play it. Pg 60

India vs U.S.A.

The score could have been doubled if India's forwards . . . Roop Singh was inclined t be selfish and Dhyan Chand's passes to his inside forwards ere often intercepted. Pg 61


The 1st of August 1936 proclaimed to the world that the eleventh Olympic competitions were to be commenced . . .

The competitors mounted the special omnibuses . . . With our golden kullahs and light blue turbans our contingent rather appeared as members of a procession to a marriage party of some rich Hindu gentleman than competitors in the Olympic Games.

Mr. Dhyan Chand with the national flag stood behind the bearer. Pgs 73-74


It was also decided that every member should go to bed at ten in the evening but Mr. Jagan Nath, Mr. Gupta, Dhyan Chand and Gurcharan Singh went to see Maneka's dancing the fourth day after this decision and . . . Pg 83

In the circumstances the team has not yet moulded itself into one unit. There appears to be . . . The personality of Dhyan Chand as Captain does not seem to impress the players as even the most junior amongst us does what he believes is right on the field of play and not what he is asked to do. Pg, 85


India vs Hungary

Perhaps this goal or perhaps an order from the captain brought India back to her short-passes and dribbling, which resulted in adding an only goal in a play of 25 minutes. . . . Pg 88

Dhyan Chand missed several 'sitters' and his passes and dribbling had nothing of the wizard about them Pg 88

India vs U.S.A.

Nine short-corners and nine long-corners were taken by India and no goal scored. The first two short-corners were penalised for 'carried' by Dhyan Chand and the rest were stopped accurately. . . . Pg 91

The first goal ... Jaffar . . . pass from Dhyan past two U.S.A. defenders who missed the ball altogether. Pg 92

The second goal came as a result of masterly dribbling by Dhyan Chand from a pass from Roop. Pg 92

The fourth and fifth goals were scored by Roop after a bout of short passes and dribbling between Emmett, Dhyan and Roop. Cullen scored the 6th goal with a powerful hit. He was playing too much forward at this stage and had taken Dhyan's position who had dropped back in Cullen's position. Dhyan then scored his second and the match's last goal from a pass from Roop . . . Pg 92

India vs Japan

The Japanese, wonderful imitators as they are . . . But they may never produce dribblers like Roop Singh and Dhyan Chand as their wrists are no so supple as ours. Pg 94

Without a supple wrist and . . . one cannot reach in dribbling the amazing height of a Roop a Dhyan or a Dara. Pgs 94-95

The goalkeeper saved some weak shorts and placings from Dhyan, Roop and Jaffar. Pg 95

India gave a much improved display . . . but Jaffar ws a weak link between Dhyan and Shahabuddin. Dhyan brought back some of his lost form and at times was wizard with the stick. Pg 95

Another run down the field by Peter and a 'cross' pass gave Dhyan to score an easy goal. Pg 95

Peter was brilliant at this stage and Dhyan was putting some of his wizardry in his passes and dribbling. Pg 95

Dhyan scored the next three goals in quick succession after masterly dribbling off passes from . . . Roop's selfishness was the cause of his poor display . . . goal scored in the last second of the game off a pass from Dhyan . . . Pg 97


An unexpected defeat at the hands of Germans . . . The Manager appeared to have lost confidence in the team, the Captain who had never had confidence in it or in himself had nothing to suggest, the Assistant Manager was yielding now to one side and now to the other and the senior members could not locate where the team's weakness lay. Pgs 97-98

India vs France

Dara had arrived from India . . . He combined well with Dhyan and utilised the speedy Shahabuddin opportunely. Pgs 101-102

Dhyan Chand scored 4 goals, . . . united play of the team. Pg 103

India vs Germany

In her anxiety to score earlier than the German, and sometimes in emulating the other side for a show of dribbling seven goals were missed by India before a goad could be scored in the 33rd minute. Dhyan, Roop, and Dara missed two goals each through over-dribbling . . . A goal by Dhyan was disallowed for being an 'off side'. At interval India was leading by 1-0. Pgs 108-109

Dhyan Chand, apart from some brilliant dashes, could not touch his form; .... Pg 110


3rd and 4th goals - After bouts of dribbling and passes between Dhyan and Dara.

6th goal - Dara off a reverse pass from Dhyan.

8th goal - Dhyan off a 'cross' pass from Shahabuddin. Pg 111


We marched in the arena opposite to the Loges of Honour and Dhyan Chand, on behalf of the team and the country received from a fair German maiden an oak tree, 28 high and enclosed in a special pot. Pg 120



India vs South West Hockey Association

A big crowd greeted us . . . Dhyan Chand scored three goals and Ahmad Sher scored two . . . Pg 128

Tapsell . . . giving the second goal to Frankfort after the first had been equalised by an individual effort of Dhyan. Pg 129


India vs Mannheim

...Even Mr. Jagan Nath who happened to referee . . . criticism for bad umpiring from the master dribblers, Dhyan and Roop during the game. Pg 131

Dhyan scored the first goal . . . Roop scored the last goal off a short corner. Pg 131


The Palatinate princes made another castle for themselves. . . . A full-size photo of the castle was presented to Dhyan by the President of the local Hockey Association . . . Pg 132


.... The time fixed for this trip was 10-0 a.m. but we started at 10-40 a.m. Half of our numbers were absent, Mr. Jagan Nath and Dhyan Chand were amongst the absentees.... Pg 137

India vs Bavarian XI

. . . Dhyan Chand was in his best form and scored three goals in his now infrequent bursts of wizardry when he is almost unstoppable. Pg 141

India vs Saxony XI

....... At interval India was leading by 4-0; Dhyan 2, Emmett 2. Pg 146


India vs Berlin

. . . The early lead of the opponents and a solid defence to tackle and intercept his passes unnerved a shaky Dhyan,who began fumbling with the ball and losing it, venting his despair in in discouraging words to the team. Pg 148

Dhyan lost his temper towards the end when the third equaliser was not coming. The Berlin goal-keeper had slipped and fell with the ball under him. Impatient to avail himself of the opportunity Dhyan hit the prostrate goal-keeper on the chest. He was raising his stick for another blow when a German player held it. This unsporting behaviour from India's Captain gave rise to much hooting and jeering from the huge crowd. Pg 148

India vs North German Hockey Association

India gave yet another disappointing display. She . . . A weak captaincy, an unconcerned managership, and unhealthy rivalries amongst the members . . . 15th August. Pg 157

Jaffar and Roop Singh . . . Dhyan seemed to ponder all the time which was his more spectacular inside-forward. He did not appear to take any interest in the game itself. Pg 158

India vs Lower Saxony

Roop and Jaffar . . . and the helpless Dhyan could only look and wonder at his inability to bring the team into one combined side

Jaffar and Dhyan were the scorers in each half of the play and . . .

The Mayor of Hanover . . . and presented Dhyan with a portrait of the town-hall. Pg 161


India vs West Germany

Dhyan and Roop combined for the first time during the tour and scored 4 and 5 goals respectively. . . . short passes and dribbling that can come only from Dhyan and Roop in the Hockey world. Supple wrists, a true eye for the ball and complete control over it, a sure foot and their hockey sense to guide them are required for such goals as the Jhansi brothers can sometimes score. Pg 165


At the Cenotaph, Dhyan Chand, on behalf of the team laid a wreath. Pg 173


India vs South Germany

who entered the ground . . . Team work was entirely neglected and dribbling resorted to, with the result that only Dhyan and Roop could score three goals each. Pg 177


India vs Eastern Swiss XI

India won by 5-1 goals and the result is the true index of the run of the game. Roop netted twice and Cullen, Dhyan and Fernandez once each. Pg 180



India vs Bombay Customs

Dhyan dribbled Dicque and Sweeney gave reverse pass to Jaffar. Pg 188


India vs Bangalore Hockey Association

Emmett scored the first goal for India . . . Dhyan Chand put his side ahead after a fine piece of dribbling and Robins again scored. . . . Roop scored a pass from Dhyan but Gallibardy was penalised . . . The score was now 4-4. . . . and India scored two goals through Dhyan and Roop and won the match by 6-4 goals. Pg 191


India vs Madras Indians

The Madras Indians . . . Emmett was in good form and scored three goals and Dhyan and Roop each netted once. Pg 192

India vs All Madras

After the resumption the local side . . . let India play her game....... Roop scored two more goals, Dhyan netted thrice and Sher twice. Pg 193


India vs Delhi Hockey Association

Delhi played as well or better . . . India scored through Peter, Dhyan and Roop. Pg 196


India vs Punjab Hockey Association XI

were on the injured list; . . . Dhyan Chand scored in the first half of the melee off a short corner and Jaffar scored from a pass from Dhyan after the interval. Pg 199

Photos from "The World's Hockey Champions 1936," Model Press, Delhi (1937) -- available in the Library of Congress

Excerpts from "The World's Hockey Champions 1936," Model Press, Delhi (1937)

"Autobiography of Hockey Wizard Dhyan Chand," Sport & Pastime, Chennai (1952)

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