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'The Truth About Islam' Ad Campaign

Reach more than 100,000 American schools

logo THE MOST RECENT AD -- funded by donations to The Wisdom Fund -- will appear in the Nov/Dec 2005 issue of Teacher Magazine. As a result of just two ads, more than 700 schools requested information on Islam.

PURPOSE: To encourage readers to want to learn more about Islam.

OBJECTIVE: Place "The Truth About Islam" in Teacher Magazine in order to stimulate interest in Islam in the nation's 80,000 public schools, 21,000 private and parochial schools, and 25,000 leaders in the teaching profession.

STRATEGY: Advertising in Teacher Magazine is an effective way to reach the young population of the U.S. which is more likely to have an open mind. This is a continuation, albeit a more focused continuation, of what we have been doing since February 1995. Our unique message "The Truth About Islam" -- said to be the "best, short introduction to Islam" -- has been displayed in Washington Metrorail stations, and has been published in Foreign Affairs, The Brown Journal of World Affairs, Washington Report On Middle East Affairs, The Washington Times, Islamic Horizons, The AMC Report, Eastern Times, etc. Thousands of copies have been distributed on campuses and by community organizations.

ABOUT US: The mission of The Wisdom Fund is to advance social justice and interfaith understanding by presenting "The Truth About Islam." Founded in 1995, The Wisdom Fund is an Internet based, 510(c)(3), nonprofit corporation run by volunteers. It receives visitors from 90 countries. Enver Masud is its founder and CEO at a salary of $1 per year.

FUNDS NEEDED: $20,000 per year to place "The Truth About Islam" in Teacher Magazine. A minimum 5 year campaign is needed -- an ongoing campaign would be more effective. Contributions of $2500 or more may be acknowledged in the advertisement if requested by the donor.

SEND CHECKS TO: The Wisdom Fund, Attn: TMagAd, PO Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202 or DONATE VIA THE AMAZON.COM HONOR SYSTEM.


Please Note--For a more effective campaign, we need an additional $24,000 per year to advertise monthly in Education Week--published by the same organization that publishes Teacher Magazine. Education Week, serves as American Education's Newspaper of Record, reaches 220,000 readers each week, and is considered the The Wall Street Journal of Education.

If donations are not sufficient to place "The Truth About Islam" in Teacher Magazine, the funds donated will be used to place this message in other appropriate media.

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