Sepember 6, 2014

Just Say No

by Eric Margolis

Washington DC -- "We've got to stop's Assad...Hamas...Hezbollah...Taliban ...Shebab...the wicked Ruskis in Ukraine...those Yemeni Houthis...Iran...Sudan...Islamists in Libya and Mali...Boko Haram in Nigeria...the Red Chinese in Asia. Oh yes, and defend Latvia and fight the Lord's Army in Uganda.

That's the view in Washington where international police fever and growing hysteria over ISIS, the latest Mideast bogeyman, have gripped the nation, as elections near and politicians talk more nonsense than usual. . . .

Speaking as an old Mideast hand and veteran war correspondent, I say no plan is a good plan. Washington has made such an awful mess of its foreign policy that inaction is an increasingly attractive option. More little wars will mean the US falling into the trap set by Osama bin Laden.

Who came down from the mountain and said the US must police the globe, from the South China Sea to the jungles of Peru? After losing wars in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the US should reconsider its overly militarized foreign policy and exaggerated international pretensions. You can't rule the globe on money borrowed from China and Japan. . . .

Bombing Iraq now costs the US $7.5 million daily, or $562 million since June. This is just the opening ante for Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama's very own Iraq War. George W. Bush's Iraq War cost well over $1 trillion. This at a time when 44 million Americans rely on food stamps and infrastructure is crumbling all over America.

As they say at the Betty Ford Clinic for drug and alcohol addicts, "just say no." Or, if Americans really want more jolly little wars around the globe, then raise taxes to pay for them instead of hiding their cost in the national debt.

Americans now face two conflicts in places they can't even find on the map.


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