November 29, 2012
The Guardian

UN General Assembly Makes Resounding Vote in Favour of Palestinian Statehood

by Ewen MacAskill and Chris McGreal

The United Nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to recognise Palestine as a state, in the face of opposition from Israel and the US.

The 193-member assembly voted 138 in favour of the plan, with only nine against and 41 abstentions. The scale of the defeat represented a strong and public repudiation for Israel and the US, who find themselves out of step with the rest of the world.

Thursday's vote marked a diplomatic breakthrough for Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and could help his standing after weeks in which he has been sidelined by Palestinian rivals Hamas in the Gaza conflict. . . .


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[ . . . no member state of the United Nations organization has ever been destroyed or eliminated. Some of them have broken off into constituent units but they have never been extinguished. And you see, Israel would like all of Palestine, the West Bank, East Jerusalem - without the Palestinians. And so it's important, as they see it, not to have a recognition of Palestinian statehood by the United Nations organization. It's that simple.--"An Interview With Professor Francis Boyle,", December 4, 2012]

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