September 12, 2012

The Uprising in Syria: An Ugly Stalemate

As I argued in the case of Libya once NATO entered the fray: whoever wins the people will lose

by Tariq Ali

Opposing Assad should not lead to backing a Western intervention and an imposed regime on the Libyan model with a quick-fix election as a PR fig-leaf. . . .

But, as in Egypt, once the euphoria of the uprising and its success in getting rid of a hated despot evaporates, politics emerge. What is the strongest political force in Syrian politics today? Who would be the largest party in parliament when free elections take place? Probably the Muslim Brothers . . .

A NATO intervention would install a semi-puppet government. As I argued in the case of Libya once NATO entered the fray: whoever wins the people will lose. It would be the same in Syria. On this I am in total accord with the statement of the Syrian Local Coordinating Committees published on 29 August 2011.

What will happen if the present situation continues? An ugly stalemate. The model that comes to mind is Algeria after the military, backed strongly by France and its Western allies, intervened to stop the second round of an election in which the FIS were going to win. This resulted in an attritional civil war with mass atrocities carried out by both sides while the masses retreated to an embittered passivity. . . .


Tariq Ali is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio, contributes articles and journalism to magazines and newspapers including The Guardian and the London Review of Books, and is the author of The Duel: Pakistan on the Flightpath of American Power. He can be reached at

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