May 18, 2012
Associated Press

Bahrain Protesters Decry Unity Plans With Saudis

by Reem Khalifa

Tens of thousands of protesters chanting "Bahrain is not for sale" jammed a major highway Friday to denounce proposals for closer unity between the unrest-torn Gulf kingdom and neighboring Saudi Arabia.

The rally's large turnout - demonstrators stretched for more than five kilometers (three miles) along a main highway - underscored the strong backlash to efforts by Bahrain's rulers to integrate key policies such as defense and foreign affairs with their powerful Saudi neighbor.

Riyadh has aided Bahrain's embattled Sunni monarchy with troops and money during the island nation's 15-month uprising. . . .


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[Oman, Kuwait and the UAE mounted the strongest objections to the union proposals, fearing being lorded over by the Saudis as well as difficulties in integrating varying social and political systems.--Andrew Hammond, "Analysis: Saudi Gulf union plan stumbles as wary leaders seek detail," Reuters, May 17, 2012]

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