February 22, 2007
The Wisdom Fund

Secular Islam Summit / Intelligence Summit

The Secular Islam Summit is "held concurrently and in association with The Intelligence Summit".

Take a look at the left column of the Intelligence Summit page, and its sponsors.

Question: Who is funding the Secular Islam Summit?

Enver Masud, "Millions Spent Subverting 'Enemies,' Stifling Dissent," The Wisdom Fund, February 15, 2001

"Disinformation: CIA Posing as Al Qaeda?," LibertyForum, August 8, 2003

[Alexander Feldman, the head of the department's International Information Programs bureau, which runs the speakers program, sent a memo to his employees warning that "no one is to speak to the press without following the procedures" and getting approval. . . .

The effort, known as the "U.S. Speakers/Specialist Program," is part of a public diplomacy effort to change negative foreign opinions of the United States. It's overseen by Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes--Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay, "State Department checks citizen representatives' political views," Knight Ridder Newspapers, December 3, 2005]

Rafia Zakaria, "The Great Pretenders Of The 'Secular Islam' Conference,", March 9, 2007

[Instead of championing the loud voices of the secular minority who are capturing media attention with their conferences, manifestos and memoirs, the United States would be wise instead to pay more attention to the far less loquacious majority.--Geneive Abdo, "A More Islamic Islam," Washington Post, March 17, 2007]

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