15th December 2003



Your Excellencies are surely aware of the security
concern expressed by the residents of NEP of Kenya
since presence United States of America military was
first noticed in Wajir a few months ago and the local
peoples' resentment of the human and veterinary medical
care the said American Djibouti based military
personnel has volunteered to administer throughout the

While the American government might be trying to score
some public relations victory in this region to
facilitate her underlying mission in the Horn of
Africa, the residents of NEP are apprehensive of any US
miIitary presence for the foIlowing reasons:

1) The residents of NEP of Kenya are aware that
American forces in Djibouti have a dec1ared mission of
striking assumed terrorist celIs inside Somalia and
generally uprooting so called terrorism from the Horn of
Africa. Therefore, there is no doubt that due to NEP
being so close to the Horn of Africa, any military
engagement that takes place in the Horn will spillover
to our part of Kenya.

2) Our Province is enjoying an unprecedented atmosphere
of security with no terrorism incident occurring here;
unlike Nairobi area and the Kenyan Coast, and while the
residents would like to maintain that peace, any US
military presence here can lead to AI-Qaedah operatives
coming in to engage the US military.

3) The Muslim residents of the adjacent Coast Province
are being subjected to a lot of harassment, arbitrary
arrests, unlawfuI detentions and prosecutions for
alleged involvement in terrorism activities on mere
suspicions and circumstantial evidences. Relatives of
suspected terrorists-have been arrested such as a
grandmother aged over 80 years. The Cause of the
Coastal Muslims suffering are as a result of the
presence of American and Israeli interest, hence the
NEP peoples concern that any foreign presence
particularly of military nature wilI bring them
uncalled for security problems and the sufferings that
come with it.

4) Since its launching, the US led so-called Global war
on Terrorism had serious ramifications on the residents
of this region, and they now need redress before any
relationship can be forged with the US. Some of the
injuries and inhuman treatment are as folIows:

	i) In 2002 Sheikh Ahmed Mursal (Al-Sudan) was
	arrested in Mandera, taken to Nairobi and
	interrogated by US agents for two weeks just
	because, (as it turned out later) his name bore
	similarities with a Sheikh Ahmad Al-Suweidan sought
	by the FBI for the 1998 Nairobi bomb blast.

	ii)In June this year Mohamed Naveed Anwar an orphan
	under the care of Garissa Muslim Children's Home
	was arrested, detained and interrogated by US
	agents for almost a month on terrorism suspicion
	merely for his Pakistani origin.

	iii) Sheikh Khalif Abdi Hussein who comes from
	Ijara District in tbis Province was abducted by US
	agents from his home in Malawi where he taught at a
	Madrasa, held in Zimbabwe and later ditched in the
	Sudan after a kidnap and detention ordeal that
	lasted more than a month. In all the above cases
	there was no US acknowledgement, no apology and no

	iv) Early this year most likely due to American
	government recommendations and influence, an
	anti-terrorism police office has been opened in
	Garissa which is one of the only three offices to
	be established in the whole country after Nairobi
	and Mombasa. The establishment of an anti-narcotics
	police office in Garissa would have been the most
	appropriate thing to do if the interest of Garissa
	residents was to be given a priority. We believe
	this office is here to intimidate and spy on
	Muslims only.

	v) The residents of this province being
	predominantly Muslim will bear the brunt of the
	Anti-Terrorism Bill if enacted by the Kenyan
	parliament. Most Kenyans are convinced that this
	BiII, being a version of the US PATRIOT ACT, has
	been recommended and is being forced on Kenya by
	the US government. Already Kenyan Muslims are being
	subjected to arbitrary arrests, unlawful detentions
	and fictious prosecutions even before the
	Anti-Terrorism Bill has been passed and so we
	expect worse scenarios once it is passed.

	vi) The conspiracy to remove the existing Kadhi's
	Court from the Kenyan constitution currently being
	reviewed is a project of the American Churches and
	NGO's who most likely have the support of the Bush
	administration. This conspiracy against the Muslim
	faith has created mistrust and religious
	animosities among the Kenyan Muslims and some
	Christian churches. Both faiths have co-existed
	peacefully for the last 100 years with the
	existence of this very Kadhi's Court.

	vii) It is unfortumate and unfair that the US
	government has targeted to stifle the Arabian Gulf
	countries and some American Muslim charities in the
	so-called war against terror and as a result has
	affected a number of humanitarian projects in Kenya
	and particularly in NEP. For example, AI-Najah
	Islamic Centre in Garissa town is definitely going
	to cIose come January 2004 because the Qatar
	Charitable Organization has not been able to remit
	the center's sponsorship funds due to US pressure
	to investigate its possible terrorism links. 150
	orphans, 12 teachers and 10 subordinate staff will
	be denied their source of livelihood if these funds
	are not sent promptIy. This will cost the local
	economy 3 million Kenyan shillings per annum.

	The closure of AI-Haramain Islamic Foundation
	office in Nairobi has led to the dosure of 20
	centres and the loss of 200 jobs that cost the
	local economy Ksh. 13.2 millions per annum which
	catered for the up keep and education of more than
	1000 refugee and Kenyan orphan and destitute
	children at Dadaab, Ifo Dagahle and Hagardeera

	We learnt that the US has pressurized the Saudi
	government to close the operations of the
	foundations offices in a number of countries for
	alleged security concerns. But what we would like
	to ask here is, "Why are our local orphans and
	workers being harmed economically when these
	organizations did not commit a crime in Kenya?"

	The World Assembly of Muslim Youth is yet another
	very old Islamic organization with an office in
	Nairobi since the seventies. It has now been banned
	from helping Muslim Students. Already AI-Haramain
	Islamic Foundation, AI-Ibrahim foundation,
	Wakalatul-Rahmah offices in Nairobi have closed
	and its expected that the few remaining Islamic
	international organizations are likely to follow in
	due cause.

	Having mentioned the negative impact on the Muslim
	charitable work due to the so called fight against
	terrorism, we foresee even bigger problems since
	institutions which have been in existence for the
	last 30 years and have been providing valuable
	education, social welfare and child care activities
	are likely casualties of the so caIled campaign
	against terrorismo

	Muslims view the US policy of encouraging and
	abetting (the unlimited American charity support for
	Israel and Churches out to convert Muslims
	particularly in the Horn of Africa (including NEP),
	Mghanistan and Iraq (TIME pg 47, 41h August 2003)
	while incriminating any Muslim to Muslim charity as
	financing terrorism as an American double standard
	which will only increase Muslims hate for anything

	viii) The American government's frequent and
	arbitrary travel advisories warning Americans
	against visiting our peaceful country is having an
	adverse economic impact on aIl Kenyans, the Muslim
	population of this region being no exception.

5) The Muslims of this region are part and parcel of
1.3 billion Muslim population of the world and are
therefore adversely affected by the negative and
sometimes hostile publicity against Islam being waged
by America. A special report entitIed The Legacy of
CRIME?) by the TIME magazine of September 15th, 2003,
was such a hate and malicious article against the Sunni
Muslim faith which the Muslims of this province adhere
to. Several top US officials such as President Bush,
Attorney General Ashcroft, Lt. Gen. Boykin Deputy under
secretary for inteIHgence, a high ranking US army
Christian chaplain and others are quoted saying very
provocative and unacceptable outbursts about Islam, the
Koran and the Muslims. The Time, magazines, ACMTC (the
un-gunned Anny) of Berino, USA who (authored BLOODY
ISLAM) and a host of many other publications and TV
channels alI originating from the US are demonising
Islam systematicalIy and trying to equate it with

The US government often complains that AI-]azeera and
AI-Arabia channels are giving negative publicity
against its so-called war against terror, so let her be

While Muslims worIdwide surely take great exception to
such hate overtures, we NEP residents are most
concerned with the recent remarks of the US Defense
Secretary Mr. Donald Rumsfeld who is on record to have
said that, "The Madrasas (which are the religious
schools in the Islamic worId) are recruiting young
militants". He added by posing a very dangerous
question asking, "are we capturing, killing or
deterring and dissuading more terrorist every day than
the (Islamic schools) and the radical cIerics are
recruiting, training and deployJn-g against us?" (E. A
STANDARD 251h and 291h October 2003). Of course, we get
very much concerned, disturbed and horrified when we
hear such wild allegations coming from high ranking US
officials and we have no otherwise but to perceive the
US led war on terror as nothing but a crusade war to
eradicate Islam, hence our genuine suspicion of any US
military presence in our area

Barbara - an American Christian evangelist - is quoted
by the Time of 4th August 2003 as describing Islam very
awfulIy by saying, "Islam is the terrorist". "We pray
that the weapon of mass destruction, Islam be tom
down". We deduce from this that when American president
Bush says he' s out to wage a crusade war on terrorism
or to destroy weapons of mass destruction he actualIy
means Islam.

Evangelist Franklin Graham describes Islam as "A very
evil and wicked religion". The Time of 41h August 2003
wrote that Graham is actualIy a Bush favorite who
preached a Good Friday sermon at the Pentagon and will
be the provider of aid and the gospel to the
"liberated" Iraq.

6) It's therefore our sincere appeal that the US
foremost corrects its antagonistic policies towards
Islam and its institutions, compensates the Muslim
individuals whose human rights have been violated by
the US and its agencies and lifts the financial
remittance restrictions put on Arabian Gulf charitable
organizations who were hitherto funding the local
Muslim projects.

7) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam
and the custodian of the two most Holy Mosque of Islam.
Therefore, Saudi Arabia is to Sunni Islam what the
Vatican is to Catholism.

Saudi Arabia has a religious obligation to Sunni
Muslims to assist them with the construction of Mosque,
schools, colleges and Islamic centers. Likewise the
Vatican is doing similar assistance for Catholics
worldwide. It is then the height of hypocrisy, malice
and anti-Islam propaganda to claim that Saudi Arabia is
spreading extremism and laying the ground work of
terrorism when she executes her religious obJigations
towards Muslims, yet the Vatican or Americans cannot be
accused to be spreading Catholic and evangelical
extremism when establishing Christian churches,
schools, colIeges and universities all over the worId.

The articIe of Time, September 15,2003 was basicaIly
aimed at discrediting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
criminalizing her and trying to put on her al sorts of
blame as regards to fuelling terrorism yet no evidence
that can hold water was presented except very
subjective and biased reports based on assumptions,
hearsay, rumors and sheer hatred against Islam.

8) While we weIcome any humanitarian assistance from
any friend of Kenya we feel such assistance should be
channeled through our government or existing NGOs and
be focused on vital and durable projects that will
improve our basic infrastructures like the road
network, schools and hospitaIs. For instance, the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has financed the Thika -
Garissa Road and the Garissa Water Projects which cost
billions of Kenyan Shillings and Mikono(which is a
]apanese Charity) has constructed a number of schools,
water welIs and dispensaries.

9) We Kenyans have often expressed our candid opinion
regarding the origin of terrorism in the modern worId
as resulting from the partial policy of the US
government towards Israel and its tolerance of the
immense human rights violations of the Palestinian
people. Many people of the worId share with us the same

The US government wilI therefore save itself and the
whole worId a lot of trouble if it develops an
impartial approach to the solution of the
Israeli-PaIestinian problem and solves it once and for

10) Many people of the worId induding Americans and
Europeans do not support the US led war in Mghanistan
and Iraq which has kilIed more people than those kilIed
in the 9/11 terror attack and has killed or injured and
is continuing to kilI and injure many innocent victims
particularIy very vulnerable people like women and
children (during two days in December 2003 (15)
children were kilIed by US military in Afghanistan) yet
no socaUed terrorism master-minders were apprehended
and no weapons of mas s destruction were discovered.
With such record, what moral justification does the US
have to continue with these in-human wars even for one
more day?

The people of NEP of Kenya join the voices of reason
which demand that these wars be caUed off immediately
to stop the daily human suffering of both the US
military and the Mghani and Iraqi people.

11) We sincerely believe that it is imperative that the
people of NEP be consuIted adequately both by the NARC
government and the US government before any policy is
impIemented in their region as demanded by democracy,
transparency and openness.

12) Let it be weU known byaU and sundry that our Muslim
religious institutions and cultural vaIues are
untouchable, nonnegotiable and cannot be compromisable
issues and any encroachment on them will be met with
resentment and resistance.

13) LastIy but not the least, the people of NEP are
categoricalIy opposed to any US or any foreign military
base or exercises in this region and perceive the so
caUed US military humanitarian assistance as a
pre-cursor to other plans like interfering with our
Islamic institutions, checking our religious freedom,
converting us to Christianity by force after failing
for the past 40 years or putting up military bases or
conducting military exercises which had negative
repercussions on the communities who hosted thern
before such as the Maasai and the Samburu or countries
like lapan, South Korea and the Philippines Moreso that
the US military personnel can commit any crime with
impunity since they enjoy immunity against foreign

Signed at Garissa By:



cc	The President - Republic of Kenya
	Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 
	Minister for Internal Security
	All Members of Parliament
	SUPKEM National Office
	Council of Imam of Kenya
	The Speaker, Kenya National Assembly
	Kenya Human Rights Commission
	Law Society of Kenya
	Leader of the Official Opposition in the Parliament 
	Kenya National Commission on Human Rights 
	Coalition for National Unity
	Kenya Human Rights Network
	National Council of NGOs
	AII the Media Houses
	Internal Commission of Jurist
	Amnesty lnternational
	Islamic Human Rights Cornmission
	The Wisdom Fund
	Africa Watch

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