December 1, 2003
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Scofield Study Bible Altered, Anti-Islam Text Inserted

Rewriting History to Fit the Agenda

The most egregious yet brilliant example of recently revised history concerns the rewriting of the The Scofield Study Bible [1] (also known as The Scofield Reference Bible) beginning in 1908 and drastically altered from 1962 through today. This book is the primary source of study and inspiration for a large portion of America's 70-million evangelical Christians. Prior to 1908, bibles did not include or reference today's agenda; Palestine and the Holy Land are referred to as Palestine and a number of other names, but never as Israel. The Israelites are mentioned within a few passages. This began to change and accelerate with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and by 1962, The Oxford Press effectively rewrote hundreds of pages of footnotes establishing the current state of Israel as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. As the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, it earned the protection of Christians adhering to this bible as their study manual. Through viral sharing, others accepted the idea without question.

What makes this brilliant is within the rewriting; the Oxford Press added what can be considered an eleventh commandment, subtly making it a sin to criticize Israel in any way, regardless of its policies. This is why evangelical Christians consider it a sin to "Go against the State of Israel" and will angrily and at times viciously accost verbally or physically anyone who criticizes the state's policies. It is also the source of a deepening chasm existing within Christianity today: Christian Zionists led by Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and others on one side, and non-Zionists led by the Catholic Church with fundamental portions of the Lutheran, Presbyterian and additional denominational and selected non-denominational churches on the other. Judaism is experiencing the same issues and struggling with its own chasm between Torah Faithful Jewry and Talmudic inspired Zionism.


The Bible: War, Violence, Fornication

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[A Special Report of how a convicted serial forger was used to falsify and corrupt the Christian Bible. The report details the role of the Oxford University Press owned Scofield Bible in controlling Christian thought, effectively creating Christian Zionism from the ranks of the emerging evangelicalism, and how it was then transformed into radical anti-Islamic bias. Special attention is given to the war role of the Southern Baptist Convention and of prominent televangelists. This report may be the first to compare the several successive editions of the Scofield Reference Bible since 1908, to demonstrate a pernicious, pro-Israel political bias inserted between the lines of the respected King James Edition. It makes a strong case for laying the responsibility for the Mideast wars upon the leadership of American churches.--"The Source Of Our War Problem, Why Judeo-Christians Do Not Demand Peace,", Fall 2002]

[As the sacred text of Jews and Christians alike, the Bible has never lacked for claimants. Beginning with the ancient oral traditions surrounding Abraham and Moses, Pelikan recounts how the early Israelites finally recorded their beliefs in a Hebrew text. Continuous addition of historical and prophetic texts, the growth of rabbinic commentaries, and the translation of the text into Greek made construing scripture a complex task even before adherents to a new scriptural faith reinterpreted the entire Hebrew Bible as an Old Testament important chiefly for prophecies fulfilled in a radical New Testament. The writing of this Christian New Testament itself sparked controversies among divergent branches of Christianity, but it is the endless battles between Jews and Christians that Pelikan takes as his primary focus.--Jaroslav Pelikan, "Whose Bible Is It? A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages," Viking Adult (March 3, 2005)]

[Moses did not write the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Moses had been dead for three hundred years before the first verse of the Torah achieved written form. These books refelect multiple strands of material that were put together over a period of at least five hundred years.

. . . the Bible is not the "Word of God." It was never intended to be the "Word of God." It has its roots in the tribal sacred story of the Jewish people. It was simply a chronicle of their walk with who they believed God was through their own national history. It rooted them in time and it gave them a past to remember.--John Shelby Spong, "The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love," HarperSanFrancisco (April 1, 2005), pages 19, 261]

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