October 7, 2003
Associated Press

Bush: Israel Air Strike 'Essential'

WASHINGTON -- President Bush on Tuesday said that Israel's air strike in Syria was part of an "essential" campaign to defend the country, and drew a parallel between U.S. policy on terrorism and the actions being taken by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Bush's supportive remarks toward Sharon, similar to comments he made Monday, also came with a caution. He said he would continue to press Sharon to be wary of creating "the conditions necessary for" increasing, rather than reducing, the violence. . . .


"Israel hits Palestinian 'camp' in Syria," BBC News, October 5, 2003

[Israel received the Green Light. It came from what is called the Syria Accountability Act, moving through the United States Congress with the help of Israel's supporters, that will impose sanctions on Damascus for its supposed enthusiasm for "terrorism" and occupation of Lebanon.--Robert Fisk, "Israel's attack is a lethal step towards war in Middle East," Independent, October 6, 2003]

Jim Lobe, "New Cheney Adviser Sets Syria In His Sights," Inter Press Service, October 20, 2003

Anton La Guardia, "Assad given weapons ultimatum," The Telegraph (UK), January 7, 2004

[First, Israel was able to strike at Syria without suffering any consequences, military or diplomatic. Second, Israel might take steps to fulfill one of its ultimate security objectives, which is to prevent other countries in the Middle East from obtaining nuclear capability, especially those overtly hostile to Israel. Third, if a Syrian nuclear installation can be targeted by Israel without any international outcry and with the tacit backing of allies in the US and Turkey Iran's nuclear facilities are looking more likely than ever to be next.--Ilene R. Prusher, "Israel sends Middle East a message with Syrian airstrike," Christian Science Monitor, september 19, 2007]

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