September 10, 2003
The Guardian (UK)

World's Poor Take On the West

Little hope of help for developing countries as trade talks begin

by John Vidal, Larry Elliott and Charlotte Denny

Crucial global trade talks open in the luxury holiday resort of Cancun today with 146 countries squaring up for a bruising five days of negotiations . . .

Whereas previous trade rounds have been stitched up by the EU, the US and Japan, poor countries have roundly rejected a last-minute deal on agriculture from Washington and Brussels as inadequate.

Instead a coalition of developing countries, representing 60% of the world's farmers, has tabled its own far more ambitious proposal, which would substantially cut western farm subsidies - currently worth six times more than all global aid spending. . . .

Key issues

Agriculture - Developing countries want richer nations to cut huge farming subsidies

Industrial tariffs - The US wants to open developing world markets to exports, but states fear cheap imports will swamp infant industries

Global investment - EU wants WTO global rules putting foreign investors on same footing as local firms

Services - West wants free trade expanded into service sector, where its banks and financiers enjoy advantages

Special deals for poorer countries - Developing nations want concessions on onerous WTO rules and agreements


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