July 7, 2003
The Times (UK)

Bush Goes on Safari to Hunt for Security and Oil

by Tim Reid

PRESIDENT BUSH embarks on a five-day tour of Africa today that reflects the continent's growing importance to America's global interests and Mr Bush's electoral prospects at home.

. . . the five-day visit, which comes as Mr Bush is on the verge of sending US troops into Liberia, is also being driven by the realities of America's post-September 11 foreign policy and the dynamics of next year's presidential election. In many ways the real agenda is terrorism, US military influence, oil and American voters.


[It sees Africa as the world's last largely untapped market. It holds out hope that Africa's substantial oil reserves could play a larger role in fueling the American economy and perhaps serving as a counterweight to the influence of OPEC.--Richard W. Stevenson, "New Threats and Opportunities Redefine U.S. Interests in Africa," New York Times, July 7, 2003]

Somini Sengupta, "Liberian Says U.S. Backs His Enemies," New York Times, July 8, 2003

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