July 5, 2003
The Guardian (UK)

Ashdown 'Running Bosnia Like a Raj'

by Ian Traynor

Paddy Ashdown displays a "bewildering conception of democratic politics" and his exercise of absolute powers in Bosnia is frustrating the establishment of a functioning democracy in a country recovering from war, according to a study of nation building in the Balkans.

. . . The flaws in the international design for Bosnia, the first western experiment in nation building after the cold war, show how not to proceed in Afghanistan or Iraq, the authors of the study warn.

Mr Knaus added that the target of his criticism was less Lord Ashdown, who has been running Bosnia since May last year, than the institution of the office of the high representative, set up to run Bosnia as a result of the Dayton peace agreements of November 1995.


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[THE President of Serbia-Montenegro apologised yesterday for the "evil" committed by Serbs and Montenegrins during the Bosnian war in which 200,000 people were killed.--John Phillips and Dragan Petrovic, "Serb leader says sorry for 'evil' of war in Bosnia," Times (UK), November 14, 2003]

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