The Independent (UK)
May 4, 2003

So He Thinks It's All Over

George Bush has announced the end of the war--try telling that to the Shias and the Badr Brigade

by Robert Fisk

When Iraqi civilians look into the faces of American troops, President Bush famously told the world on Thursday, "they see strength and kindness and goodwill". Untrue, Mr Bush. They see occupation. . . .

So stand by for part two of the Iraq war, transmogrified into the next stage of the "war on terror".


["The mood is changing for the worse in Umm Qasr where food and medicine is desperately needed, . . . The Americans have moved on, their presence marked only by the endless convoys of trucks rolling north out of Kuwait towards Baghdad to service the occupying army and the US-led interim administration."--"Iraqi welcome for US turns to fury," The Age (Australia), May 5, 2003]

["American efforts to foist new rulers on the people of Iraq are becoming increasingly grotesque. . . . Washington's failure to hold broad-based consultations at central and local levels is provoking resistance, sometimes armed. . . .

"In Iraq, where there are no warlords and people feel they have the expertise to run the country themselves, the US insists on moving in and staying."--Jonathan Steele, "Operation Support Garner," The Guardian, May 6, 2003]

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[". . . evidence is mounting that suggests between 5,000 and 10,000 Iraqi civilians died during the US invasion."--Peter Ford, "Was the Invasion of Iraq the Deadliest U.S. Military Campaign for Civilians Since Vietnam?," Christian Science Monitor, May 23, 2003]

["Isn't it time we called this a resistance war in Iraq?"--Robert Fisk, "As Tony Blair flies to meet British troops in the Gulf, there is growing chaos and resentment in Iraq," Independent, May 28, 2003

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