The Guardian (UK)
April 1, 2003

Secret Plan to Impose Regime on Iraq

by Brian Whitaker and Luke Harding

A disagreement has broken out at a senior level within the Bush administration over a new government that the US is secretly planning in Kuwait to rule Iraq in the immediate aftermath of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

Under the plan, the government will consist of 23 ministries, each headed by an American. Every ministry will also have four Iraqi advisers appointed by the Americans, the Guardian has learned.

The government will take over Iraq city by city. Areas declared "liberated" by General Tommy Franks will be transferred to the temporary government under the overall control of Jay Garner, the former US general appointed to head a military occupation of Iraq.


Neil Mackay, "Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President," Sunday Herald, September 15, 2002

[In the 1990's there was much discussion over the construction of a so-called Peace Pipeline that would bring the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates south to the parched Gulf states and, by extension, Israel. No progress has been made on this, largely because of Iraqi intransigence. With Iraq in American hands, of course, all that could change.--Stephen C. Pelletiere, "A War Crime or an Act of War?," New York Times, January 31, 2003]

[Garner might not be welcome among some Iraqis because of his support for Israel, expressed in a 2000 letter saying that a strong Jewish state is an asset to the United States.

The letter was sponsored by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the hard-line lobbying group linked to the idea that invading Iraq and overthrowing President Saddam Hussein is good for both Israel and the United States.--Jonathan Wright, "U.S. Ready to Rebuild Iraq Without U.N.," Reuters, March 25, 2003]

[National Infrastructures Minister Joseph Paritzky has requested an assessment of the condition of the old oil pipeline from Mosul to Haifa, with an eye toward renewing the flow of oil in the event of friendly post-war regime in Iraq.--Akiva Eldar, " Infrastructure Minister Paritzky Dreams of Iraqi Oil Flowing to Haifa," Ha'aretz, March 31, 2003]

VIDEO: "The Lie Factory - How the Neocons & the Office of Special Plans Pushed Disinformation and Bogus Intelligence on Iraq," Democracy Now, December 18, 2003 back button