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March 10, 2003

The UN Security Council Veto Record

by Tarik Kafala

Since 1945, when the United Nations was founded, the Soviet Union and Russia have used their veto at the Security Council 120 times, the United States 76 times, Britain 32, France 18 and China only five. . . .

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the veto has been used by Russia only twice -- once to block a resolution criticising Bosnian Serb forces for denying the UNHCR access to Bihac in Bosnia and once to block a resolution on the finances of UN operations on Cyprus.

Seven of the last nine vetoes at the Security Council have been by the United States, and six of these have been of draft resolutions criticising the Israeli Government in some way. . . .

In total, the US has blocked 35 draft resolutions on Israel. . . .


List of UN Security Council resolutions vetoed by the USA, 1972 - 2002

Security Council - Veto List

Martin Bright, Ed Vulliamy, Peter Beaumont, "Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war," The Observer, March 2, 2003

A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel"

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