Released January 1, 2003
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Muslim History Calendar

The new Muslim History Calendar, Achievements and Tragedies, was mailed around December 20 to 3300 selected organizations. This exhausts our supply of free calendars.

This is a unique calendar featuring over 300 historical events from the revelation of the Quran to the present. The calendar also features Agence France Presse photographs depicting the tragedies and resilience of Palestinians, Kashmiris, Chechens, Sudanese, Indonesians, South Africans, etc.

The calendar is available for $9.95 retail (much less for wholesale) from Halalco Books. Phone: 703-532-3202; fax 703-533-1234; e-mail: Save on mailing costs by buying two or more, or combining your order with another item from

We hope to refine the list of historical events -- achievements and tragedies -- each year, and invite suggestions for events to include in the 2004 calendar. Inquiries for advertising space are also invited. E-mail: -- re. Calendar.

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