Released December 21, 2002
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Open Letter to Rev. Pat Robertson

Rev. Pat Robertson
The Christian Broadcasting Network
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Rev. Pat Robertson,

On November 26, 2002 you gave an interview to Martin Savidge
of CNN. Your interview proves that you certainly need help.
I am sure you realize that telling a lie is a sin in
Christianity. In your interview you tried to misguide and
misinform people by making wrong remarks about "Jihad" and
peaceful nature of Islam. Just reading the translation of
Qur'an and quoting it's verses out of context is a big
dishonesty and immoral.

Without going into details I would like to ask you the
following questions. I am sure you know the answers of these
questions. These facts are in the history books written by
Christian authors.

	Who killed thousands of aboriginal people in North America
and Australia in order to occupy their lands and properties?

	Who killed millions of South Americans?

	Who killed millions of human beings in World War I?

	Who killed 6 million Jews during World War II?

	Who killed 2 million Polish Christians in World War II?

	Who killed 6 million Chinese during the invasion of China?

	Who killed 2 million Cambodian during the civil war?

	Who killed more than 2 million Filipinos during invasion of

	Who killed more than half million Tibetans during the last 6

	Who killed more than 2 million Vietnamese during the Vietnam

	Who dropped chemical and biological bombs on Vietnam?

	Who dropped nuclear bombs on Japan and killed thousands of
people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

	Who killed more than 2 million African Christians in Rwanda,
Sierra Leone, Burundi and Congo within the last two decades?

	Who made more than 9.5 million human beings refugees in

	Who is killing and confiscating lands from White farmers in

	Who invented the nuclear, biological and chemical bombs?

	Who sells the most sophisticated bombs and the best killing
machines to the world?

	Who killed hundreds of blacks in America and did not
consider them as human beings until 1960s.

	Who are White Supremacists?

	Who did not consider women as persons until 1940s?

I am purposely not asking you about the killings of millions
of Muslims in Bosnia, Kossovo, Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine,
Russian Federation, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, India, etc.

Can you please prove that the most of the above holocaust
and genocide of human race were not caused by the people who
claimed to be Christians? Non-Muslims also created the other
genocide? If you are interested I can send you a longer list
of all the holocausts and genocide caused by the people who
were not Muslims.

Rev. Robertson, I propose that you and I have a dialogue.
You should bring a list of all the killings carried out by
the Muslims throughout the history and I will bring a list
of all the killings caused by the non-Muslims. And let us
compare the both lists. I am confident that I can prove that
the killings carried out by the Muslims are negligible
compared to the killings carried out by Christians and other

On behalf of Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC), I
would like to invite you to visit Canada and we will arrange
an open town hall meeting to discuss your issues with Islam.
ISCC will pay all your traveling and lodging expenses. If
this is not possible for you, please let me know when and
where you can meet with me to have a dialogue and I will
travel to your place on my own expenses.

I strongly believe in bringing together the followers of
Christianity, Islam and Judaism. These three great religions
have more in common than the differences but people like you
are destroying these efforts.

Rev. Robertson, your ignorance about Qur'an, Prophet
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and Islam is so deep that you
do not even know the basic beliefs of a Muslim. You do not
even know how to spell Qur'an (it is not Koran, it is
Qur'an). We are here to help you. We, as Muslims do not hate
God's creation. It is a requirement of our faith that we
like for others what we like for ourselves. We just want to
educate you about Islam so that you can be a better person.

In the past we had asked Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. Jerry
Falwell and other Christian leaders to attend our course
Islam 101 in Toronto and ask as many questions as you want
about Islam and Muslims. But please do not badmouth about
our religion in the media. We do not have access to the
media as you do. We, the Muslims living in Canada and the
USA know that the media in North America is NOT FREE. In the
third world countries, the dictators and the governments
control the media while the Western media is controlled by
the rich and strong interest groups. Had the media in the
west free, Muslim leaders would have gotten the equal chance
to respond to the comments made by the people like yourself.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Seasons
greetings to you and to your family and friends.


Syed B. Soharwardy
President, Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

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