November 9, 2002
The Wisdom Fund

Poll: Bush 'Biggest Threat to Justice and Peace'

WASHINGTON, DC--A poll released today by The Wisdom Fund, identified President George Bush, Jr. as the "biggest threat to justice and peace."

Visitors to The Wisdom Fund web site when presented with three choices: Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Jr., voted overwhelmingly for President Bush.

Mr. Bush received 55 percent of the votes cast, Osama bin Laden 24 percent, and Saddam Hussein 21 percent.

"Like polls conducted by CNN," said Mr. Enver Masud, president of The Wisdom Fund, "our poll is not scientific."

For clues to this surpising result, read "A Clash Between Justice and Greed."

["President George Bush is seen by a third of Britons as a bigger threat to world safety than Saddam Hussein, according to a new poll conducted by a senior US Republican and due to be broadcast today."--Patrick Wintour and Ewen MacAskill, "1 in 3 Say Bush is Biggest Threat," The Guardian, November 14, 2002]

["In no country except the United States was Hussein's continued rule seen by a majority as "the greater international threat to our country."--Richard Morin, " Poll Finds World Doubts U.S. Motives in Iraq," Washington Post, December 4, 2002]

["The messages from U.S. embassies around the globe have become urgent and disturbing: Many people in the world increasingly think President Bush is a greater threat to world peace than Iraqi President Saddam Hussein." -- Glenn Kessler and Mike Allen, " Bush Faces Increasingly Poor Image Overseas," Washington Post, February 24, 2003]

["The problem isn't with Bush's sincerity, but with his evident conviction that he's doing God's will." -- Martin E. Marty, "The Sin of Pride," Newsweek, March 2003]

["Which country really poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003? TIME asks for readers' views."--Results to date: North Korea 5.6 %; Iraq 6.5 %; The United States 87.9 %; Total Votes Cast: 673,027 -- "TIME Magazine, " March 10, 2003]

["Majorities in all other countries think that as a result of recent military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, the world is a more dangerous place."--"New Gallup International Post War Iraq Poll: Global Opinion from 45 countries," Gallup International, May 16, 2003]

["A new survey released this week says the war in Iraq has sent support for the United States to new lows in predominantly Muslim countries and damaged the standing of the United Nations. The opinion poll also indicates the conflict has widened the rift between Americans and Europeans, softened support for the war on international terrorism and weakened the Atlantic Alliance."--Meredith Buel, "Plunging Support for US Pegged to Iraq War, indicates Survey," Voice of America, June 4, 2003]

["Nearly two-thirds of respondents to an international poll for the BBC say they have an unfavourable opinion of George W Bush."--"Poll suggests world hostile to US," BBC, June 16, 2003]

Andrew Beatty, "Israel and US Labelled Biggest Threats to World Peace," EUobserver, October 30, 2003

Justin Huggler, "American justice ranked alongside world's most repressive regimes," Independent, April 7, 2004

[95 percent of Europeans and 96 percent of Americans believe that international terrorism is an important threat.

It is the answer to that threat which is in dispute.

Only 41 percent of Europeans believe that a war is justified, against 82 percent of Americans, most of whom also believe that the UN approval is not necessary.--"Bush Policy Brings the World on his Back," Agence France Press, September 21, 2004]

[Mark Crispin Miller, "The Bush Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder"]

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