British MP Urges Arabs To Rise Up Against West
Oct 18, 2002
Source: Palestine Information Centre

British MP George Galloway called on Arabs to wake
up to a Western plan aimed at carving the Arab
world into smaller and even weaker states and to
take to the streets in massive demonstrations in
an attempt to counter such a scheme.

Galloway spoke Friday at Issam Fares Hall at the
American University of Beirut, urging students to
take action if they wanted to avoid a century in
which they will see their resources stolen and
continued Israeli domination in the region.

"Are you prepared to let foreigners decide which
country will be governed by which ruler or not?"
he asked. "Because if your answer is yes, you will
face a 21st century exactly like the 20th century
... your wealth will be taken away and Israel will
be the superpower of the region and you will
accept that Palestinians will never have justice."

Galloway told the audience that people in Britain
have done their bit by organizing protests against
a war on Iraq. But he said it is time for Arabs to
demonstrate that they can threaten interests of
the West in the region. "I led the biggest
demonstration in the history of Britain two weeks
ago, half a million people marched through the
streets of London under the slogan 'Justice for
Palestine and no war in Iraq,'" the MP said.

"So where are the demonstrations in the Arab
world? What's wrong with you people? How can you
sit and watch this happen? How long are you
willing to wait? The stakes are high and the time
is short," Galloway warned.

Galloway said that he regularly passes two rooms
in the British Parliament where the 1917 Balfour
declaration, promising the Jews Palestine, was
written and where the Sykes-Picot plan to carve up
the Middle East was devised.

Since Sept. 11, he said, a third room had opened
where new maps for the region are being drawn up.

"People who have never visited this region before,
who don't speak a word of your language, who don't
give a damn about your interests are working on
creating a new map for the Arab world."

He said that British officials are deciding
whether Saudi Arabia will be two or three
countries and if Sudan will be two states or not.
Their intention, according to Galloway, is to
create a holy Saudi Arabia for the Muslims and
keep the other Saudi Arabia that has oil fields
for themselves.

"They are discussing who will rule which country
in the Arab world and they won't dream of asking
your permission or your advice," he said.

Galloway told the audience that the rulers of the
Arab countries, installed by Britain and France
over 80 years ago, remain the same today.

"These puppets and corrupt kings, they have
governed not in the interest of their own people,
but in the interest of the West. They stole wealth
God has given the Arab world and spent it not on
the development of their own countries, but in the
bordellos, casinos and stock exchange markets of
Paris, London and New York," he said.

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