February 15, 2002
The Wisdom Fund

What Really Happened on September 11?

Pentagon crash site photos raise troubling questions

by Enver Masud

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Canada's VisionTV has been airing a 5-part series "What really happened on Sept. 11th?" Barrie Zwicker, host of the VisionTV Insight series, has for four months been "waiting in vain for the North American media to pursue questions about the startling events of September 11."

Here's what Mr. Zwicker would like to know: "The multiple hijackings are unprecedented. The first occurs at 7:45 in the morning. It's a full hour before the first plane hits the World Trade Center. But it's an hour and 20 minutes -- and after the second plane hits -- that the President allegedly becomes informed. Think about that."

Pentagon crash site photo

We've been thinking, long and hard, but have more questions than answers. For starters, in these Pentagon crash site photos, where's the plane that hit the Pentagon? Shouldn't its engines have survived in some recognizable form? Why is the damage to the Pentagon seemingly inconsistent with what a Boeing 757 would have caused?

Arlington County Fire Chief, Ed Plaugher, at a press conference held by Assistant Defence Secretary, Victoria Clarke, on September 12, 2001, at the Pentagon, when asked by a journalist: "Is there anything left of the aircraft at all?" is reported to have said: "First of all, the question about the aircraft, there are some small pieces of aircraft visible from the interior during this fire-fighting operation I'm talking about, but not large sections. In other words, there's no fuselage sections and that sort of thing."

Many web sites now question the official version of the events of September 11. For example:;;;

A best-selling French book, The Frightening Fraud, by Thierry Meyssan, claims that the "U.S. invented air attack on Pentagon."

The events of September 11, led to the U.S. war on Afghanistan -- a war apparently planned prior to September 11, and possibly after U.S. negotiations with the Taliban for a pipeline broke down.

According to The Irish Times (February 11), "The Pakistani President, Gen Pervez Musharraf, and the Afghan interim leader, Mr Hamid Karzai, agreed yesterday that their two countries should develop 'mutual brotherly relations and co-operate in all spheres of activity' -- including a proposed gas pipeline from Central Asia to Pakistan via Afghanistan."

It's curious that these two leaders, who only later vowed to "bury the recent history of poisonous relations" between their nations (Washington Post, April 3), could agree so quickly to the pipeline. Zalmay Khalilzad, the Bush-appointed special envoy to Afghanistan, may have facilitated the agreement.

Khalilzad's previous place of employment was Unocal. He drew up Unocal's risk analysis on its proposed trans-Afghan gas pipeline according to the Irish Times. The Taliban, after initially negotiating with Unocal, had begun showing a preference for Bridas Corporation of Argentina -- could this possibly be the reason why the Bush administration has let Argentina's financial crisis spiral out of control?

Meanwhile the war in Afghanistan has created a million new refugees (adding to the existing five or six million), has caused the death of 4000 civilians, and President Bush seems intent on continuing his father's Crusade.

The senior Bush is reported to have told the U.S. troops in Kuwait (AFP, Janurary 19, 2000) that they were "doing the Lord's work."

Begun as Operation Infinite Justice, President Bush has expanded his Crusade to the brutally repressed Moros of the Philippines, and is determined to crush Iraq. Vowing to save our freedom, Mr. Bush has rushed through legislation designed to curtail our freedom. His hubris is remarkable.

The British, in building their empire, sought to civilize the natives. Mr. Bush, in building the new American empire, vows to save civilization itself.

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[There are discrepancies among the VisonTV timeline, U.S.News & World Report timeline, and a FAA memo of 9-11, but if these flight paths are correct, U.S. fighter planes should have been scrambled before the planes hit the World Trade Center. Some question why passenger manifests contain no Arab names, and the role played by the "huge Israeli spy ring that may have trailed suspected al Qaeda members in the United States without informing federal authorities." Others say that "it is no longer tenable to dismiss the possibility of an Israeli angle in this story," or suggest that the attack planes were remotely controlled. Michelle Malkin, a nationally syndicated columnist, is also troubled by lingering mysteries.]

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