Released September 21, 2001
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The Slaughter of Innocents

by Israel Shamir

JAFFA, Israel -- The great slaughter of innocents is imminent. Very soon, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of our brothers by Adam and Eve will be strafed, napalmed, and nuked. Boys and girls, unborn babes and old men will be brought to the altar of Vengeance and ritually slaughtered by the High Priest of that God, President George W. Bush. The time is aptly chosen, and it is hardly a coincidence. The ten days after Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, are called the Days of Trepidation, all the way to the tenth day, Yom HaDin, the Doomsday.

President Bush called his enterprise, Crusade. This title invokes in our memory the dour knights of Aquitaine and pious Frankish warriors, who took Cross and with the name of Our Lady on their lips ventured into a long and hard pilgrimage. Reality was worse. The Crusade was a Western Jihad and it caused a lot of bloodshed. The Crusaders were wild and unruly, they sacked the most beautiful Christian city on earth, Constantinople, and they drenched in blood the holy ground of Jerusalem. A Crusader chronicler Radulf of Caen, wrote of his comrades-at-arms, in the Syrian city of Maarra, ‘they impaled babies on spits, grilled and devoured them’. They were rough folk, and still I would like to save the name of these killers and cannibals from being besmirched by association with G.W. Bush’ Crusade. They never went after revenge, this most un-Christian, even anti-Christian feeling.

The very essence of Christ’s Gospel was the rejection of revenge. That was the great difference between the Church and the Synagogue, these two sisters born two thousand years ago. This difference is built in, it is the inherent most prominent feature of the gap between the two faiths: while Christians are called to pray for their enemies, Jews dream of vengeance.

In the intended ideological confusion of last century, Christians are taught to think that the Jews wait for Messiah who is Christ. Christianity teaches that He came and will come again, while Judaism considers the Messiah did not come yet, that is all the difference according to the teaching of Judeo-Christianity. But reality is vastly different: Christ came to save, while Messiah comes to take revenge. It was proven by the brilliant Israeli scholar, Prof. Israel Jacob Yuval of Hebrew University in his new book, Two Nations In Your Womb[i]. ‘Vengeful salvation’, as Yuval called it, was adopted by the European Jews from the old Pharisee sources and became the prevailing doctrine of the Synagogue.

When Dr Israel Yuval published his insightful book on theology of vengeance in Judaism, it was accepted with great enthusiasm by his Israeli colleagues, but the American Jewish scholars hated it. Dr Ezra Fleischer wrote a vehement critique, concluding it with the words: ‘it would be better if such a book would not be printed, but if it was printed, it should be sentenced to oblivion’.

Prof. Yuval quotes many ancient Jewish texts proving this point. “In the End of the days (when the Messiah comes) God will destroy, kill and exterminate all the nations but the sons of Israel”, written in the Sefer Nitzahon Yashan, written by a German Jew in 13th c. A liturgical poet Klonimus b. Judah had a vision of ‘God’s hands full of Goys’ corpses’. Even more dreadful dreams of blood and destruction precede the first attacks on Jews in the end of 11th century. A hundred years before the Crusaders’ onslaught on Jews, R. Simon b. Yitzhak calls on God ‘to take His sword and slaughter the Gentiles’. In order to hasten the destruction of Gentiles, the sages of Europe adopted curses against Christians and Christ, and introduced them into liturgy of Passover, Doomsday and even the daily prayer.

That is why the decision of President Bush to embark of the campaign of revenge is not a Christian act. One could argue that the President and his administration are manipulated by the Jews, who dream of vengeance. Not in vain, immediately after Wall Street was hit by kamikaze, Bibi Nataniyahu said ‘it is very good for us’[ii]. Not in vain, Ariel Sharon tried to compare Palestinians to Osama b. Laden. Not in vain, Israelis demand destruction of Baghdad and Teheran, of Korea and Sudan, of everybody who is not taking orders from Tel Aviv or Washington.

A mystic would not call it ‘manipulation’, but would accept for its face value the arrival of Messiah of Vengeance in the unlikely figure of G.W. Bush. The Messiah of Vengeance has actually a different name in Christian theology. He is called Antichrist.

The Christian theologians tried to delve in the qualities of this apocalyptic figure. St John of Damascus prophesied, ‘Antichrist will come to Jews and for Jews, against Christ and Christians’. (John the Damascene was a friend of Islam and he explained Muslim dogma of eternal Koran as a form of the Christian teaching of Logos). Church Fathers considered the Rise of Antichrist as the rise and temporary triumph of Judaism. In 10 c., St Andrew the Byzantine prophesied, ‘The kingdom of Israel will be restored and it will become the launching pad of Antichrist’.

This proximity of Israel to Apocalypse is felt by millions of devout Christians in the United States. They learned that the rise of Antichrist is the stage on the way to the Second Coming. But, being misled by their pastors, they draw a paradoxical conclusion and decided to side with Antichrist. They forgot the words, ‘the Son of Man will go as it has been decreed, but woe to that man’ who sides with Antichrist.

There are two days of the Jewish calendar especially suitable for the vengeance. One of them is Purim, the day, when according to Esther, the Jews slaughtered 75,000 Gentiles in Persia. On Purim, Dr Baruch Goldstein of Brooklyn and Hebron massacred the devout Muslims on the Tomb of Abraham. On Purim, the ministers of Germany were executed in Nuremberg. On Purim, two hundred thousand Iraqis were immolated by the US Air Force in 1991. Purim is auspicious, but Doomsday is even more appropriate for the vengeance on the grand scale, for the massacre of Messianic proportions. Soon afterwards, there is the feast of Succoth, when the Messiah could be revealed.

Just one minute before we declare Bush as the Antichrist and/or Messiah, there is one circumstance that calls for investigation. We know now of some inside trading in insurance and airline shares that imply a previous knowledge of the forthcoming attack. We know of some advance warnings in the Jewish-owned investment banking system. I can not imagine a Muslim terrorist who would try and fit the schedule of the Jewish High Holidays. Even less I could imagine the apocalyptic Antichrist and his Jewish Cabbalist advisers buy futures on the stock exchange. It is easier to seek some bad guys, not necessarily diabolic. Prudence demands we should account for mundane factors before going to the celestial ones. That was the preferred method of Father Brown, the hero of G.K. Chesterton: before applying for a miracle, check material sources. II

Indeed, there is no certainty that President Bush is manipulated by the Jews. Such presumption is based on idea that there is a non-Jewish United States, ‘America stand-alone’, manipulated and subverted by Jews. If it would be the case, by miraculously excluding the Jews from public discourse, this original America would be regained. Actually, the recent post-terror discourse in the US is a hesitant proof to the contrary.

Many American public figures, Jews and non-Jews alike, called for revenge. “There is only one way to begin to deal with people like this, and that is you have to kill some of them even if they are not immediately directly involved in this thing”, said the former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger[iii], who heads the Jewish organisation for claims to Germany, at USD 300,000 per annum.

‘The response to this unimaginable 21st-century Pearl Harbor should be as simple as it is swift - kill the bastards. A gunshot between the eyes, blow them to smithereens, poison them if you have to. As for cities or countries that host these worms, bomb them into basketball courts’ said Steve Dunleavy in New York Post[iv]. In Washington Post, Rich Lowry proposed, ‘If we flatten part of Damascus or Tehran or whatever it takes, that is part of the solution[v]

The best quote goes to Ann Coulter, ‘This is no time to be precious about locating the exact individuals directly involved in this particular terrorist attack.... We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity (!?). We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war’. She wrote it in New York Daily News[vi], the newspaper of Mortimer Zuckerman, the current Head of the Presidents’ Conference of American Jewish Organizations.

This vengeful spirit of the American press is an aberration of the Western discourse. If you sift the world literature of the Christian and Muslim lands, you would discover that revenge appears rarely as the main subject of an important book. Nikolai Gogol wrote a Gothic short story called The Terrible Revenge, Prosper Mérimée wrote a novelette Colomba on Corsican vendetta. C’est tout. Brits always considered revenge a very un-English trend, certainly not cricket. ‘Vengeful’ is a negative word in every Christian and Muslim culture. The Jewish culture, au contraire, is saturated with the idea of vengeance, as it draws straight from the Old Testament, without the redeeming filter of the New Testament or Koran.

We Jews know it better than anybody. A brilliant American Jewish journalist, John Sack noticed it in his Eye for Eye, a chilling book about horrible revenge exacted by Jews from the German civilians after WWII. This book tells of tortures, ‘extra-judicial killings’, mass poison and other horrors. You are not likely to get this book, as the Jewish establishment succeeded to suppress it and keep it out of bookshops.

Not surprisingly, Israel promoted vengeance into its daily policy. Its attacks on Palestinians were called peulot tagmul, the acts of vengeance. One of these acts was perpetrated by the Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 14 of October, 1953, when he and his soldiers murdered some sixty peasants, women and children in the village of Qibya. The invasion of Lebanon in 1982 with its 20,000 murdered Lebanese and Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, was an act of revenge for the attempt to assassinate Israeli ambassador in London. During last intifada, every act of Israeli terror is called ‘retribution’ or ‘retaliation’ by Israelis and by American Jewish-owned media.

This Jewish infatuation with vengeance survived the hazardous crossing of the Atlantic. The American Jews created Hollywood, and Hollywood made vengeance its main subject. In a way, American cinema is an expression of the Jewish collective subconscious, and it was the main factor in creation of the American psyche. From Hollywood, vengefulness flew all over the earth, and certainly helped to create the world we inhabit. In other words, there was no need for a conspiracy. Rather immature America could not withstand the impact of Jewish mentality, and she became a Jewish State, the big sister of Israel. A grandson of Trier Rabbi, who grew in the Church, Karl Marx actually prophesied in the 1840s (!) that America will become a Jewish state, and will embrace the Jewish ideology of greed and alienation. It explains successes of Jews: it is just natural that in the Jewish state, Jews succeed more.

This explanation allows us to answer the question we posted previously, does America support Israel because of the Jewish lobby or because of the ‘true interest of American corporations’. The answer is, the Jewish lobby is a superfluous body supportive of Israeli right-wing, while America as a whole is a grander Jewish state with interests outside the Middle East as well.

This presumption explains away a lot of queries. It explains incredible 99 per cent vote for support of Israel. It explains endless Holocaust museums, Holocaust studies and Holocaust films. It explains centrality of Jews in American life, as now America views world events from a traditional Jewish position, ‘whether it is good for Jews?’

It explains the US walkout at Durban. JW Bush did not mind to quarrel with Europe and Japan and went back on Kyoto treaty. He did not give a damn to annoy Russia and China with his unilateral decision to drop Strategic Arms Treaty. But here he heard His Master’s Voice. This haughty rejection of Africa and Asia, this insulting dismissal of the Afro-American community, this rejection of the great cause of struggle against racism was an additional proof that the US became a sister state to Israel.

Recently, President Vladimir Putin tried to justify his onslaught on Chechens in an interview to Newsweek[vii]. He said, the Chechen leaders ‘publicly called for the extermination of Jews’, relegating critics of his war to the ranks of anti-Semites. Now, Chechnya has no Jews, and Chechen leaders’ opinion on Jews would be irrelevant, if anti-Semitism would still preserve its original meaning, i.e. anti-Jewish prejudice or racism. In this form, it does not exist anymore, as we proved elsewhere[viii], but the word received a new meaning. It became an equivalent of anti-Americanism in the days of McCarthy, or as anti-Sovietism in Brezhnev’s Soviet Union.

Whoever rejects new American paradigm, in America or elsewhere, is an anti-Semite by definition. That is why good persons of Jewish origin, whether Noam Chomsky or Woody Allen, St Paul or Karl Marx are called ‘anti-Semites’. They are usually rejected by the Jewish community, but their names are used to defend the structure they attacked.

An offence to the Jewish community is not considered a form of racism, as ordinary racism is tolerated with great ease, especially if it is directed towards Arabs (new enemies of Jews) or Blacks (old enemies of Jews). It is treated as a ‘lese majesté’ (in the years of Jewish ascendancy in the Soviet Union (1917 – 1937), people were shot for an anti-Jewish remark). Manfred Stricker of Strasbourg campaigned to name the local university after Dr Schweitzer, while the Jewish community preferred the name of a Jewish scholar with a loose connection to the city. As the result, Manfred Stricker was sentenced to six months of jail.

While speaking to students in Harvard, Emory and other Ivy League universities, I noticed that they do not know the name of Arnold Toynbee. The greatest British philosopher of history in 20th century made an error: he spoke of the tragedy of Palestinians. He also mentioned the African slavery as a tragedy on a par with the Jewish holocaust. As a result, he was erased and disappeared from American conscience. This totality of control over public discourse explains obedience of American (and European) intellectuals. For an intellectual, it is better to be called a paedophile, but not an anti-Semite.

In the Jewish American state, the Jews form its ‘Church’, its ideological establishment. I feel about this ‘church’ as Voltaire, who said, “Destroy the infamy” of the Catholic Church he was born into.

In the Jewish American state, the Jews are the most successful group of society. This sudden rise to glory and riches should not be a cause for vertigo and self adulation. Other way around. Following the line of thought of this great American philosopher, Immanuel Wallerstein, I shall say: material success in our days is a sign of moral failure. ‘Success’ and riches is not a sign of God’s benevolence. Anyway, not of God who blessed the poor. A man who succeeds in the robbers’ gang, fails in the eyes of God. Our world with its starving millions and over-prosperous minority is immoral and anti-Christian, as anti-Christian as the ‘Crusade’ of President Bush.

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Copyright © 2001 Israel Shamir. Israel Shamir is an Israeli writer and journalist, living in Jaffa.
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