Released March 13, 2001
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EgyptAir 990: Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript

"A team of government safety experts, hired translators, and Egyptian, FBI and manufacturer representatives is trying to precisely transcribe EgyptAir 990's cockpit voice recorder tape,...The group will work all weekend and hopes to complete the transcript next week, the NTSB said Wednesday."--Michael J. Sniffen, "EgyptAir Probe Focusing on Tape," AP, November 18, 1999

Time and Content

0148:03 excuse me, Jimmy, while take a quick trip to the toilet.

0148:04 [whirring sound similar to electric seat motor operating, heard only using digital filter]

0148:04 [sound of click]

0148:05 [sound similar to cockpit door operating]

0148:08 go ahead please (go ahead please).

0148:09 [sound of several clicks]

0148:10 ..before it gets crowded. while they are eating, and I'll be back to you.

0148:18.05 [sound similar to cockpit door operating]

0148:22.70 [sound of thunk)

0148:23.30 [sound of clink)

0148:30.69 [The five Arabic speaking members of the group concur that they do not recognize this as an Arabic word, words, or phrase. The entire group agrees that three syllables are heard and the accent is on the second syllable. Four Arabic speaking group members believe that they heard words similar to "control it". One English speaking member believes that he heard a word similar to "hydraulic". The five other members believe that the word(s) were unintelligible.]

0148:34.80 [sound of click and thump]

0148:39.92 I rely on God. [heard faintly]

0148:49.30 [sound of thump]

0148:53.10 [sound of faint, muffled thump]

0148:56.31 [sound of thump]

0148:57.93 [series of thumps and clicks starts and continues for approximately seventeen seconds]

0149:18.30 [sound of light thump]

0149:18.37 [whirring sound similar to electric seat motor operating, also heard through first officer's hot microphone system]

0149:30.16 [sound of two faint thumps and one louder thump]

0149:47.54 [sound of two clicks and two thumps]

0149:48.42 I rely or God.

0149:53.32 [one loud thump and three faint thumps]

0149:57.33 I rely or God.

0149:58.75 I rely or God.

0149:58.78 [four tones similar to Master Caution aural beeper]

0150:00.15 I rely on God.

0150:01.60 I rely on God.

0150:02.93 I rely on God.

0150:04.42 I rely or God.

0150:04.72 [sound of loud thump]

0150:05.89 I rely on God.

0150:06.37 what's happening? what's happening?

0150:07.07 I rely on God.

0150:07.11 [sound of numerous thumps and clinks continue for approximately fifteen seconds]

0150:08.20 [repeating hi-low tone similar to Master Warning aural start and continues to the end of recording]

0150:08.48 I rely on God.

0150:08.53 what's happening?


0150:15.15 what's happening, Gamil? what's happening?

0150:19.51 [four tones similar to Master Caution aural beeper]

0150:24.92 what is this? what is this? did you shut the engine(s)?

0150:25.00 [change and increase in sound, heard only through first officer's hot microphone system]

0150:26.55 get away in the engines. [translated as said]

0150:28.85 shut the engines.

0150:29.66 it's shut.

0150:31.25 pull.

0150:32.75 pull with me.

0150:34.78 pull with me.

Ol 50:36.84 pull with me.



An official transcript of the entire flight is available at

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