Release Date: January 12, 1998
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The Best, Short Introduction To Islam

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Truth About Islam poster, "the best, short introduction to Islam" say our readers, is available now from The Wisdom Fund. The new, larger, brighter posters are only $4 each (buy one, get one free), and as low as $1.75 each for large orders.

The Truth About Islam has been published in Foreign Affairs, The Brown Journal of World Affairs, Washington Report On Middle East Affairs, The American Muslim Council Report, The Washington Times, Eastern Times, and various community newspapers. The Wisdom Fund has been discussed on C-Span on the day of the Million Man March, and cited in Le Monde, The Telegraph and The Independent (major French and British newspapers).

And if you don't like what the media is saying about Islam, give one to your local newspaper or TV reporter. The posters also provide a focal point for interfaith discussions, and an excellent guide to Islam for children and non-Muslims.

The new posters are on glossy 100#, 18" x 24" paper, with The Truth About Islam superimposed on a professional photo of the domes and a minaret of the Quba mosque (built by Prophet Muhammad) in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

To order our new poster send $4 plus $5 to cover shipping and handling costs. A free poster will be included with your order. For larger orders, and non-US orders, check prices at The Wisdom Fund web site, or E-mail The Wisdom Fund.

Mail orders to: The Wisdom Fund, Dept. WWW, P.O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202.

The Wisdom Fund is a Section 501(c)(3) organization as described in the Internal Revenue Code. Donations and purchases may be tax deductible as provided in Section 170. About 95% of The Wisdom Fund's gross income is used to disseminate The Truth About Islam.

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