Released June 25, 1998
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U.S. Backed Israel Prepares To Strike Iran

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Israel, using F151s supplied by the United States, is preparing to strike Iran's nuclear and missile facilities.

The London-based Jane's Information Group predicted in its annual conflict analysis that Israel would launch a limited pre-emptive strike, and The Times of London reported today that Israel's potential for launching such attacks "increased substantially yesterday with the surprise announcement [by Israel's Air Force Magazine] that the first of its new F15I long-range strike aircraft are operational."

Israel received the first two of the $84 million F151 warplanes made by the U.S. in January, and "the $2.5 billion order for 25 of the world's most advanced fighters, plus spare parts, is due to be completed by the end of this year" reports The Times.

The Washington based Center for Defense Information estimates that Israel has 100 plus nuclear weapons. Estimates of Israel's nuclear weapons by others are as high as 400 warheads. And according to CDI "Israel has also produced ballistic missiles, against which its potential enemies have no defense."

Israel's "1981 bombing of Iraq's Osirak nuclear research facility near Baghdad, . . . with U.S.-made warplanes and direct U.S. assistance, helped radicalize Iraq" says former U.S. Congressman Paul Findley.

Iran's peaceful nuclear program is in compliance with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty which states, "the benefits of peaceful applications of nuclear technology, including any technological by-products which may be derived by nuclear-weapon States from the development of nuclear explosive devices, should be available for peaceful purposes to all Parties to the Treaty."

Israel, unlike Iran has not signed the NPT, and has been helping India with its nuclear program for about 20 years according to a June 4, 1998 article in The Times.

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