Released June 4, 1998
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Israel Blocked CIA Reports, Helped India

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Israel has been helping India with its nuclear program for about 20 years, and its agents in the CIA prevented reports of this cooperation from reaching the President.

The Times of London revealed today: "Co-operation in missile technology stretches back over two decades and repeated private exchanges between nuclear scientists from both countries were kept secret, according to an Indian source yesterday."

London based Shanti RTV stated that Israeli intelligence agents working for the CIA ordered CIA chiefs not to pass on the information to US presidents, and to ignore covert bomb deals between India and Israel. We were told: "Israel stole the US and European technology, especially military and computer technology, and exported them in an illegal and pirated form to India ready to pay the price in cash."

Yesterday, Israel's Haaretz reported: "Kalam [head of India's Defence Research and Development Organisation] visited Israel several times ... while senior Israeli scientists went on reciprocal visits to India, according to a senior Indian scientist." The paper also reported that Professor Brahma Chellaney, of Delhi's Centre for Policy Research, had visted Israel last month.

Israel's Chief of Staff cancelled a visit to India this week because, reported Yediot Aharonot: "The sense was that a visit in the wake of the nuclear tests might grant a degree of credibility to the baseless reports that Israel and India were [co-operating] on nuclear arms."

The close ties between Dr Kalam, and his Israeli counterparts suggest parallels with Israel's secret co-operation with South Africa in at least one nuclear test in the late 1970s.

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