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-- selected to provide Muslims resources for interfaith discussion, and access to a Searchable Bible. To buy books recommended or to check prices click on [ORDER].
  • Peter Frankopan, The Silk Roads: A New History of The World -- This provocative history challenges the view of the West as heir to a pure Greco-Roman culture. [ORDER]
  • Karen Armstrong, A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- Former Cathlic nun traces the evolution of the concept of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. [ORDER]
  • Michael H. Morgan, Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists -- In an era when the relationship between Islam and the West seems fraught with misunderstanding, how many of us realize that Muslim intellectual achievement was once the envy of the world. [ORDER]
  • Maria Rosa Menocal, The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain -- Yale University professor offers persuasive evidence that the Renaissance was strongly foreshadowed by the intellectual climate of Spain under the Muslims. [ORDER]
  • Amartya Sen, The Argumentative Indian -- Nobel Laureate writes "Akbar was well ahead of his time in arranging state-organized inter-faith dialgues (possibly the first in the world). [ORDER]
  • Jerald F. Dirks, The Cross & The Crescent -- A former ordained minister in the United Methodist Church draws parallels between Christianity and Islam which, often known by clergy and church leaders, seldom find their way to the laity. [ORDER]
  • Charles Le Gai Eaton, Islam and the Destiny of Man -- British diplomat who converted to Islam is unique in his ability to convey some of the more complicated aspects of Islam in a comprehensive and palatable manner to the Western reader. [ORDER]
  • Martin Lings, Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources -- Based upon the words of men and women who heard Muhammad speak and witnessed the events of his life, this is acclaimed worldwide as the definitive biography of the Prophet in the English language. [ORDER]
  • Akbar S. Ahmed, Islam Under Siege -- Former ambassador, film producer, Prof. Ahmed explains what is wrong with Islamic society by referring to Islamic history and beliefs." [ORDER]
  • Feisal Abdul Rauf, Islam: A Sacred Law -- With intellect, common sense, and wit Imam Feisal applies traditional law to contemporary issues and moral dilemmas. [ORDER]
  • Abdur Rahman I. Doi, Shari'ah: The Islamic Law -- Introduces the four major schools of thought, and rulings regarding family relations, crime and punishment, inheritance and disposal of property, economic systems, and external relations. [ORDER]
  • Howard R. Turner, Science in Medieval Islam: An Illustrated Introduction -- Describes Islam's achievements, and contributions to, mathematics, astronomy, physics, medicine, and more. [ORDER]
  • Maurice Bucaille, The Bible, The Qur'an and Science -- An examination of the confrontation between the Bible and scientific data leads us to meditate upon those factors which should spiritually unite rather than divide-Jews, Christians and Muslims. [ORDER]
  • Sylviane A. Diouf, Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas -- Author asserts that Islam was the first revealed religion followed by African slaves, and describes their struggle in upholding Islamic practices. [ORDER]
  • Murad Hofmann, Islam: The Alternative -- Former Director of Information for NATO, German diplomat, Harvard graduate, revert to Islam, introduces Islam to Westerners. [ORDER]
  • William W. Baker, More in Common Than You Think: The Bridge Between Islam & Christianity -- Christian theologian and Biblical archeologist maps the common ground between Islam and Christianity. [ORDER]
  • Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk, A Muslim and a Christian Dialogue -- One of the few books one can give to both a Christian and a Muslim that compares their faiths clearly, accurately, and with sensitivity. [ORDER]
  • John Shelby Spong, Why Christianity Must Change or Die -- Bishop Spong says, "the way we approach the Christ figure has got to be radically revised. Jesus can no longer be the incarnation of a theistic deity." Are Christians moving towardf Islamic beliefs? [ORDER]
  • John Shelby Spong, The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love -- Bishop Spong focuses this book on "terrible texts" which have been used to justify such "sins" as overbreeding, degradation of the environment, sexism, child abuse and anti-Semitism. [ORDER]
  • Michael Martin, The Case Against Christianity -- Professor of philosophy at Boston University examines Christian doctrine, and reaches conclusions sure to be challenged by adherents of the worlds largest faith. [ORDER]
  • Joseph Wheless, Is It God's Word: An Exposition of the Fables & Mythology of the Bible & the Fallacies of Theology -- In a world of lies this book breaks the conventional mold of deception and honors the brave souls who have sought the truth. [ORDER]
  • Helen Ellerbe, The Dark Side of Christian History -- At a time when the so called 'religious right' asserts that Christian values will save society from its rampant sins, the ordinary citizen should know how the Christian Chruch has attempted to 'save' societies in the past. [ORDER]
  • Andrew Wilson (Editor), World Scripture - A Compartive Anthology -- An excellent resource for interreligious dialogue, this compilation by the International Religious Foundation presents quotations from world scriptures arranged by topic. [ORDER]
  • C. Dennis McKinsey, The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy -- Comprehensive critique of the Bible strives to tell both the good and bad of biblical writings with this thoroughly-researched expose of the Bible's errors, contradictions, and fallacies. [ORDER]
  • Cyril Glasse, The Concise Encylopaedia of Islam -- Written for a Western audience, American Muslim scholar presents about 1200 entries on Islamic culture, religion, and law. [ORDER]
  • The Islamic Centre, New Delhi, India, The Encylopaedia of The Quran -- Extensively illustrated this is an invaluable reference for persons of all ages to better understand The Quran, its history, people, lands, and places.
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