November 24, 2013
The Times of India

America Sacrificed Mumbai to Keep Headley in Play

by Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott Clark

The Seige Five years on, this is what we now know. A valued CIA proxy, who infiltrated the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), a banned Pakistani Islamist outfit, planned the Mumbai attacks in which 166 people were killed, and more than 300 injured. David Headley, an American citizen, conceived, scoped and ran supplies for the terrorist 'swarm' operation, so called because several independent units simultaneously hit their enemy in multiple locations, coming out of nowhere, multiplying fear and panic.

Sunday Times Headley selected Mumbai, India's commercial capital, as the theatre of operations while acting as a 'prized counter-terrorism asset' for the United States, according to senior officers in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, . . .


Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott Clark write for The Guardian.

Paul Craig Roberts, "Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution,", December 5, 2008

Enver Masud, "Staging bin Laden's 'Death'," The Wisdom Fund, March 25, 2010

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