Mr David Nevin
Nevin, Benjamin, McKay & Bartlett LLP
P.O. Box 2772 
Boise, Idaho 83701

Mr. Nevin

On August 23, 2013, I sent you an email with
incontrovertible evidence that the September 11, 2001
attacks couldn't possibly have been masterminded by

2000+ military, intelligence, industry professionals do
not believe the official account of 9/11 -- and
many are willing to testify to that.

I have summarized enough facts to acquit your client in
my brief book "9/11 Unveiled" and other exhibits on the
Internet. I have presented this evidence to thousands
in talks here and abroad. The audiences have found the
evidence convincing.

This evidence has been mailed to President Obama -- and the
Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
-- . I
received confirmation that this evidence now resides in
the archives of the ICC, and is available at the links
embedded in the preceding.

I understand that you "joined with legendary trial
lawyer Gerry Spence in the successful defense of
Geoffrey Fieger". I admire Gerry Spence's defense of
the underdog, and corresponded with him -- perhaps
around 10 years ago.

How can you, in good conscience, ignore the facts,
presented by so many highly-qualified individuals, who
contradict the official account?

I am prepared to assist you without fee. I can be
reached at 202-xxx-xxxx.

Enver Masud

Founder & CEO
The Wisdom Fund

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