December 25, 2010
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The Case Against Wikileaks:
A Giant Psyop, An Intel Front

by Lila Rajiva

The Case Against Wikileaks

The Case Against Wikileaks: A Giant Psyop

The Case Against Wikileaks: An Intel Front

Lila Rajiva is the author of two books on mass psychology, The Language of Empire (Monthly Review Press, 2005) and Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets (with Bill Bonner, Wiley, 2007). She is an activist, commentator and blogger.

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[For more than six months, Wired's Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen has possessed - but refuses to publish - the key evidence in one of the year's most significant political stories: the arrest of U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning for allegedly acting as WikiLeaks' source.--Glenn Greenwald, "The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired,", December 27, 2010]

[ . . . the well-timed release of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks displaced reports of Israeli obstinacy in peace talks with reports of a need for war with Iran.--Jeff Gates, "The Enemy Within,", December 31, 2010]

[WMR has learned from a long-time Republican Party consultant that the CIA used Sweden to launder the transfer to Wikileaks of carefully screened and redacted State Department cables and the subsequent release of the cables to pre-selected corporate news media entities. Sweden was chosen because of its so-called "press freedom and freedom of expression" traditions in an effort to make the release of the cables by Wikileaks appear to be unconnected to a covert CIA and Pentagon psychological operations program designed to place further controls on the Internet.

. . . a major international news event designed to provide increased support for governments around the world, including Sweden, the United Kingdom - where Assange is now free on restricted bail - and the United States, to place draconian curbs on the Internet.--Wayne Madsen, "Sweden co-opted by CIA/Pentagon to launder Wikileaks cables,", January 3, 2011]

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Craig Murray, "Ithaka is a heart-rending film that offers an important rebuttal to more than a decade of propaganda aimed at dehumanizing the WikiLeaks publisher,", July 11, 2022

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